Thursday, February 21, 2013

TV Talk

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I like tv. I know this is something I'm supposed to be embarrassed about. I'm supposed to be "too busy" for tv or "prefer books." But I am a big fan of the tv. I try to balance it out. I read a lot too, and I listen to public radio which earns me some tv time.

Here's how the conversion works out, in case you were wondering.


Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can talk about tv. More specifically, tv shows you aren't watching but that I think you should be watching! It has come to my attention that a lot of you aren't watching three of my favorite shows. Namely:

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers is one of the funniest tv shows on right now. It's about a family-run restaurant on the east coast. The voices of the characters are hilarious. Two of the female voices are done by men. And the writing is just so funny. Here are a couple lines from the show:
Louise: I've been honest with these two ever since Gene got too fat.
Gene: I remember the ice-cream sandwich that did it too. I regret nothing!
Linda: I dreamed that I was breast feeding Gene again, but he had a long, white beard, like Santa Claus. It was really freaky.
Gene: That should be our next Christmas card.

The Middle

Look, I get it. This show looks boring. And a friend of mine once said "the characters aren't easy to look at." First of all, I think that friend is wrong. The characters are nice looking. Just not "Hollywood/extensions/steroids/unrealistic" good looking. The show is about a family in the midwest just getting by. They live in an ugly house, and are always broke.

It's the kids that really make this show good. Especially Sue - the super nerdy, super optimistic middle child. She tries out for everything - rarely makes any teams, but never stops trying. And the youngest boy, Brick, who has some form of autism is awesome too. He is quirky and it's hardly even acknowledged. He just does his thing (he often whisper-repeats words or randomly says "whoop!" and the family just goes on with their business). I could go on and on but I'm telling you - this show is really funny. And it's made me cry like three times this season alone - in a good way. Just watch it.

Ben and Kate

You guys already messed this up. It's been canceled. Grrrrrr! It was really funny! Anyway, you can still watch it on Hulu or On Demand and there might be a few more episodes this season. And you can join my letter writing campaign to un-cancel it. Kidding. I mean, unless you want to. Ugh - I can't talk about this show anymore - it's making me too sad. Here are some quotes from it so you can see what you missed out on:

“It’s a tough world to break into, especially if you’re an unknown, not unlike the cliquey world of meteorology.”

“I was a night watchman at a doll factory, Kate. Nothing scares me.”

“My niece just cut her forehead and they may have to amputate. So let’s touch base if and when she pulls through.”

“Ben, she’s worried about you. You’re an adorable bichon frise in a world of bloodthirsty street dogs, and she doesn’t want to see you get eaten. Or forcibly mounted.”

Anyway, enough about me. What are some shows you watch that you wish more people would watch?


Bingyu said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm soooo excited to see that you like 'The Middle' too! I LOVE it!!! it's so cute and funny too! one of my faves!!!

Katherine said...

Hee hee!!!! I LOVE the conversion chart!! Laverne & Shirley!! And curling!!! I also love all three of these shows, and am REALLY miffed about Ben & Kate being cancelled. Come ON, people!! It's hilarious! I also LOVE that the characters on The Middle are normal-attractive! I'm so tired of perfectly coiffed characters on Disney shows. It sets unrealistic expectations for kids!! And why is it that any character on a Disney show who's not stick thin is always the funny friend??? I'd MUCH rather my kids look like Axl or Sue Heck than iCarly (is that show still on?).
As for other shows I wish more people watched, I'd have to say The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube is top of my list. It's so good! Also, Doctor Who. Wait, I think maybe there's a smallish following for that already... ;)

Melanie said...

I'm a fan of the conversion chart. I'm not so sure if the tv conversion should count when I listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR, but I won't tell my tv record keeper that.

I like Raising Hope, The Big Bang Theory and Nashville.

I caught one episode of The Middle a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it, but I haven't really caught it since.

Jeff Chase said...

Great chart! I totally agree.

D said...

I love tv too. I also love reading. I don't love cleaning but I'll fold my laundry to a good show. :)

I love Raising Hope and Parks and Rec and Castle. :)

Sara said...

I always assumed Ben and Kate was a British reality show for some reason. I really can't tell you why. Parenthood and Downton seasons are over so I'm in tear jerker ensemble drama withdrawl. Will have to find some other past times until fall.

Wee Sisters Three said...

Katherine:icarly is no longer on, thank the stars. That show was such a bad influence on Paige.

I am sad to hear about Ben and Kate. I too love that show. People don't get funny anymore, only us cool people.

heather said...

LOVE the chart! I feel that watching TV has a stigma attached to it, like it's suppose to be a dirty secret. I watch TV and I like it. So there. Psych, Community, Justified, and Sherlock are just a few shows that I really enjoy.