Thursday, August 23, 2012


This isn't the first post I've written wherein I compare one of my nieces to a dog. It sounds worse than it actually is though. It's all about the poses, nothing more. The first time I compared a niece to a dog was due to a similar hair style. Here's the link to that post. This time, it's... well just scroll down and see for yourself.

The first picture is of my niece, playing on the playground. I heard her struggling on the play structure and turned to see her like this. Before I could even think of helping her, I had to take a picture. Because it's 2012 and that's how we do.

Later that day I logged onto Facebook and saw that my cousin had posted a picture of his dog, in a pose that makes no sense to the human mind. I had to tilt  my head from side to side to figure out what was going on here and I'm still not sure I get it. My cousin said the dog doesn't get it either.

(This picture is posted without permission)

Where is the head coming from!?

Who is more tangled? The human or the dog?


Ben said...

Lay on your back, put your hands and feet in the air. Now move your hands to your right and your legs to the left and look up at the human with the camera. Now you know how the dog feels. ;)

violet50 said...

The dog, for sure. I still can't figure out the picture!

Savd said...

I have stared at the dog picture for an amount of time I don't want to admit, but I finally get it!! (The description by Ben above sorta helped me out!)

Heidi said...

Um I want to steal Barry's dog. Pretty much every time I see a picture.