Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Whenever I feel sad these days, I think about the Ecce Homo debacle in Spain. In case you haven't heard the story, an elderly parishioner took it upon herself to restore a damaged fresco painting of Christ in her church in Spain. She did not do a good job. Here's the original followed by hers:

It's sad, of course. I hate to think that such a nice painting was destroyed, but at the same time, I couldn't help but pretty much lose it when I saw the completed "restoration" which bares no resemblance to the original at all!! The elderly woman who "restored" the painting thinks she was doing the right thing, and said no one tried to stop her during the process of "fixing" it.

Of course when something like this happens, you know the meme maniacs are going to be on top of it and they did not disappoint! Here are some of my favorites:



So bad!! I know, I know. I shouldn't be making fun of this debacle. I mean, for one, an elderly lady is now humiliated for her horrible restoration job, and two, it's a picture of Jesus. But heaven help me I can't  help but giggle whenever I see one of these pictures. Her restoration was just so bad! (Not that I could have done any better. But I wouldn't have tried either.)

Something else making me laugh this week is the new Bic "Pens for her" product which as you probably guessed, is a special pen designed for a woman's hands. It makes no sense. I've never had a problem using a "man's pen" before. The product has been getting some hilarious reviews on Amazon, like this one:

I wrote down this review actually using this product, but my husband had to type it out for me as I have no idea how to use any form of technology other than a blender.

The pen is great. 

Or this one:

I understand the need for the Bic For Her pen. However, you have not taken into account all of my needs. Nowhere on the label does it state that these pens are kosher. Still waiting on Bic For Jewish Her pens.

Or this last one:






Even NPR has been making fun of these pens (link)!

What's making you laugh this week?

Happy Wednesday!


Diane said...

You make me laugh!
Thanks for the JOY you bring me!!

Sara said...

I mean, seriously Bic, way to imply that pens were originally designed for men. The comments are hilarious.

nes said...

Bic pens for women.. I know what all the ladies in my life are getting for Christmas!

Savd said...

Best Wednesday pick-me-up EVER!!! :)

Heidi said...

Whoa Elizabeth we had better HURRY. Amazon says there's only 15 left in stock!!

Katherine said...

Hee hee!!! So ridiculous!! Both the restoration and the pens. I'm with you about the "restoration" - it's SO painful, sad for the lady who did it, but MAN, is it hilarious!!! It's just so bad!!!!

violet50 said...

Great post and great laughs! Thanks.

Melanie said...

So funny! That painting... And the pens. I wonder who is getting fired for that one.

Sui Sin Far said...

Bic pens for her (and gay men)... like all and only women like pastel colors. The packaging does kind of remind me of a Venus razor.

Ashley said...

That is some funny stuff!

Liz said...

Wow that restoration looks exactly like the original. Maybe if that lady isn't busy she could restore some Picasso, or maybe a Van Gogh. Just a thought.
I'm kinda surprised you used the Cameron meme, since you're not a fan of FBDO(Ferris Buellers Day Off) much to my dismay.
I hear that for every two packs of Bic for Her pens you buy you get one free box of tampons. What a deal!