Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Ryan Lochte

I keep forgetting to watch the Olympics. Though I've seen a minute here or there, I haven't seen any whole events. I think I've seen the swimmers do one lap of a race, and I saw one gymnast do something awesome.  So... yeah. Maybe I'm more of a winter Olympics person.

I'm not trying to avoid the Olympics, I just can't get myself pumped about it. I have been hearing the results though, and of course, I've been hearing a lot about the swimmers. Specifically the hot ones. 

Which brings me to Ryan Lochte. Not that he's the hottest of them all. I mean, have you seen Nathan Adrian? My friend texted me a picture of him last night with the message, "Nathan Adrian just won a gold and my heart." He's a nice looking fellow.

But I digress. Ryan Lochte.  I've been hearing some interesting quotes about his dating life today which I thought I'd share with you here:

His mother, talking about Ryan's dating life:

"He goes out on one-night stands," Ike said during an interview. "He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go."

Ryan, on meeting a girl at a party:
"Make eye contact. I'll give a wink and come back later because it keeps her thinking."

I'm not going to comment on either of those quotes.

If you were in the Olympics, what would it be in?
I think I'd have a chance at medaling in:

Dr. Mario
Basic hula hooping (no tricks)
Brady Bunch referencing
and maybe being single (I'm actually hoping to lose the gold on this one but so far I'm still in the lead)

None of those, however, would give me Ryan Lochte's confidence. I don't know though. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Update: Ryan Lochte clarifies his mom's comments about his supposed one night stands. (link)  

As Inigo Montoya would say, "I do not think it means what you think it means."


Kristin McElderry said...

dang! He is good looking. lol. Not that I noticed...

The Leo said...

Thank you for giving me enough fuel to resist the Lochte pull (think black hole). I was almost sucked in there for a while, near thing because he IS rather attractive.

Katherine said...

HA!!! I like your sports. I think I'd medal in multitasking, watching stuff on Netflix, speed reading, and sunburning (I burn SO FAST!!).
And I agree with Najah - those quotes have pulled me back from the Lochte black hole, too! He's dreamy. But so's that other guy. Seriously, why's Ryan gotta be doing that smirk in that photo, though? Like he knows all the women want him? Yeesh. Swimmers.

violet50 said...

In the 1972 it was Greg Louganis. Yep. I think I would medal in procrastination, reading, and being the slowest walker in the crowd. Do they give medals for slowest?

Liz said...

When I read Ryan Lochte's name Mmmm'd for a good minute.
"Maybe you're a Winter Olympics person" nobody is a Winter Olympics person. Speaking as someone who lives in a city that has hosted the Winter Olympics (I actually never attended any of the events but I still want other cities to be jealous) I have to tell you summer Olympics are way better.