Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Whew- I haven't blogged since last Wednesday? It must be summer. 

As I mentioned last week, I went camping over the weekend. In fact, I took a couple days off work and had a mini-vacation. It was great. 

How about some trip highlights!

I saw a dog get arrested by the KOA police (the owner) for barking nonstop.

Bought a hatchet so I could fit in with the hatchet club. 
(Guess which one is mine:)
Yelled at a friend for chopping wood at 7:00 IN THE MORNING. On another occasion tried to replace his hatchet with mine so he couldn't wake me up again. He noticed it was a different hatchet right away though. I don't understand how.

Scared a friend by convincing her the Dogman of northern Michigan is real (he is). (Though in my opinion, he's not a Dogman - he's just a run-of-the-mill werewolf. Nothing to be scared of.)

Saw THREE Great Lakes in two days (Michigan, Huron, and Superior).
Lake Superior, the Great Lake with by far the most shipwrecks
Spent a lovely afternoon on Mackinac Island, which included a bike ride around the island. 
Ate fudge, which is what the island is really all about. 
(This is an actual shirt I saw sold around the island, and yes, I did spend the rest of the day saying this.)
I thought WTF meant Why The Face?
Saw some bears UP CLOSE! Behind fences though, thank goodness. Our friend's family owns a bear ranch in the U.P. We had been told we could hold a bear cub but guess what? THE MAN (authorities) are once again trying to ruin our fun. Humans are no longer allowed to hold the cubs. Good news though, some senators who are fans of the bear ranch are passing legislation to make it legal again. When that happens you know I'll be right back up there hugging a cub.

Not a cub. Will not be holding this one.

 Saw the Tahquamenon Falls, and yes, I did have to google how to spell that. And yes, they were beautiful! And the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi river:

I learned a few things about myself on this trip. For one, I'm much too old to find Mad Libs as funny as I do (Mad Libs were done in the tent every night, and they make me laugh hysterically). Two: I don't know nearly enough ghost stories for the camp fire. And three: I should have bought this amazing night gown I saw in a store in the U.P.:

Seriously, what was I thinking not buying that? Am I right?

Happy Wednesday!


D said...

You mean the old mainstays of Better go check on Johnny and the man with the hook aren't enough for around the campfire? I remember telling those in my grandparents camper in my backyard. LOL Fun adventures. We plan on taking the kids backyard camping soon. We'll do the real thing too. But we'll practice in the backyard. :)

violet50 said...

Funny post! Why the face?? I didn't know that about Tahquamenon falls. I just remember the pretty coppery color. And that hatchet next to the others - love it. Thanks for making me laugh!

Katherine said...

You left out a very important part about yelling at our early morning wood chopper - the fact that you unzipped the tent just enough to stick your head (with bed hair) out and then just said, "Why?? WHY????" before pulling your head back in. Hee hee!! It really was a very fun trip!! And I think it was the rabbit fur that gave your hatchet away.

Mary Burnette said...

The Dogman IS real. We even bought a book about it at a craft that makes it very reliable.