Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm about to live one of those Pure Michigan commercials. Tomorrow morning I'm heading "up north" for a few days to camp and explore the U.P. (Upper Peninsula), the waterfalls, Mackinac Island, and the bear ranch. Eeee! I'm super excited.

Just last summer I hated camping, but I've gone a few times since then and I've grown to really like it. Bumpy ground, mosquito bites, and all. I've spent all my free time this week packing. Besides the normal stuff one brings camping, (sleeping bag, bathing suit, bug spray, tv, vcr, flat iron, mini fridge, and microwave), these are some of the things I got: 

1. games
2. solar lamp
3. brush-and-go tooth brushes
4. mini fan
5. the movie "Somewhere in Time" which is over-the-top sweet and romantic and takes place on Mackinac Island
6. some kind of chemicals to add to a campfire and change the colors of the flames
7. oops..... 
8. I never eat beef jerky but I felt I HAD to for a campout. Feels more like "roughing it" if you have to yank your food apart with your teeth.
9. laundry bag
10. mosquito bracelet
11. SPACE GOLDFISH! In honor of the Mars landing

Am I forgetting anything? One thing I NEED (slash am scared of) for camping is the "Go Girl" - a way for women to pee standing up. 

Last weekend I went camping and the "bathroom" (a shed with no plumbing, no ventilation and a porta potty toilet) there smelled like ten dead bodies, 1,000 porta-potties, five skunks, and what I assume toe jam smells like (it sounds gross so I assume it smells bad). It smelled so bad that the smell got stuck in my nostrils for up to ten minutes after I ran screaming out of there. Am I painting a picture? At that point, I really wanted a "go girl" so I could be free of that place. 

This time I should be ok though. We're going to a KOA and the bathrooms should only smell about 1/4 as bad as the one from last weekend. 

I can't wait to get up north and explore. I'll probably have this song in my head half the time. So I'll make sure you do too.

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Oooh! I'm excited!! We should make our own Pure Michigan commercial as we go. I'll do the voice-over. I think I can do Tim Allen's voice. Ish.

Sara said...

The key to peeing outside when you're a lady is to stand on a hill with your back end facing downhill. Little backcountry camping tip for you. ;) Unfortunately, hills can be kinda hard to come by in Michigan. Hopefully the KOA will come through for you. Have fun!

violet50 said...

I loved camping when I was growing up. It's peaceful to wake up to the sound of crickets and birds. I hope you have fun!!!