Monday, July 30, 2012

Vacation Highlights

With a fun vacation like the one I just had, it's hard to know where to begin in summarizing it! So I won't even try. I'll just share with you some highlights. 

Saw some beautiful sunsets
Soaked in the sun
Played Monopoly three times (won once)
Bonded with my nephew who I love so much!

Went on a dune buggy ride on Lake Michigan (soooo fun!)

Got badly sunburnt my first day of vacation but continued going to the beach every day anyway

Played Yahtzee (among several other unpictured games) 

Walked down the beach a couple miles to a beautiful lighthouse where we climbed to the top

Read and went to some of my favorite local book stores. 
Ate and ate and ate and ate. Soooo much ice cream!
Walked some gorgeous trails in the state park.

Played with some adorable dogs!
Did I mention I ate a lot?
Spent a lot of time with the fam and had a blast with everyone who was able to come.

It was a great week! I hated to see it end. I love northern Michigan! But in a way, it's nice to be back in my routine again. I will miss eating ice cream every day though.


Emily said...

So very very jealous. Your post almost brought a tear to my eye - in a good way. Looks like it gets more and more fun every year!

All the kids are getting so big.

violet50 said...

It really was a blast. And I think my ice cream consumption for that week equals all the ice cream I ate during the previous 8 months! But no regrets!

Katherine said...

Best week EVER!!!! Or up there, at least. I do love it up there so much!!! And it was really good to get some James time in. Mee mee meep! Sigh. I miss it there already.