Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

In case you've been wondering where I am, wonder no further. I am on my annual family vacation to Ludington, in northern Michigan. Every year since I was a kid my family has been gathering "up north" for the last full week of July. This year a cousin who hasn't joined us on the family trip in a few years came along. It's been a blast having him and his wife, Dana, here - oh and of course, their giant puppy, Blue.

Because my cousin hasn't come up for our annual week for awhile (we all still come up to Ludington several other times per summer, just not as coordinated of a trip), we've had fun remembering some of our favorite Ludington family vacation memories, such as: 

* The time Barry put a dollar on the end of a fishing pole and stuck it through the hole of the game room window and tricked people into catching it.
* The year Rachel played the song "Scatman" on the game room juke box nonstop.
* The years the resort we stay at had daily competitions and how we entered ALL of them (billiards, ping pong, tennis, shuffleboard, and fishing). 
* The time Ernie fell off the boat.
* The time we took the double decker bus tour.

This year we're creating new memories. Most afternoons this is our view:

While in the evening, this is our view:

And in between there's a lot of this:

Which is why I haven't had much time for blogging.

But I'll be back later with more stories!

Happy Wednesday.


violet50 said...

I wish we could bottle up the week and replay it whenever we want. It is so relaxing!

violet50 said...

p.s. great pictures!

Katherine said...

I love the summary!!! Such a good depiction of the week!