Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

To survive the heat, I've temporarily given up on the outdoors, which mostly means crafting. I know some of you are bored with the idea of crafting, but that's cause you've forgotten that when I do crafts, they are HARDCORE!


If you're wondering what a craftsplosion looks like, here it is (Sarah is pictured here):

Craft supplies everywhere
I am working on opening an etsy shop (yep, I'm one of them now*) so I can share my craft love with all who are willing to give me money. I mostly find my inspiration in Michigan right now:

Besides staying inside crafting, you know what else beats the heat? My ice cream maker:

And of course, this week is the Ann Arbor art fair. The art fair always falls on the hottest week of the summer, which is why I never go. This morning a delivery guy at work asked me if I go to it. I shook my head at him like he was asking me the most ridiculous question in the world. He said, "but you work right here! You could just walk a few blocks to it!" I didn't see his point.

The art fair is our rain dance too. It's been so dry here all summer, but this morning on the first day of the art fair, it's overcast and storms are rolling in. Thank you art fair, you're the best rain dance ever.

Happy Wednesday.

* that's not a bad thing.


lizzie mc.- said...

Post the link to your etsy shop when you have it set up. I can't wait to see what you do!

violet50 said...

It's true about the art fair - the heat and the rain, which is why I never go either. Not to mention parking! Hey - it just started raining in Saline. It's an art fair miracle! Thank you art fair! And, uh, that ice cream looks really good. hint hint

Katherine said...

A friend of mine just posted something yesterday about the art fair bringing the rain. It totally worked!! Hee hee! I'm with you the art fair, though. I know I'm an artist and all, but who wants to deal with heat and crowds in the dead of summer? Shoot. I might actually be IN art fair next year. Maybe I should change my 'tude.

Anyhoo, I love your crafting! Keep it up!!

Sara said...

Awesome about the Etsy shop! And the ice cream! Yum.