Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rosy cheeks, no warts

This afternoon I got to spend time with some of my nieces and nephews, which makes me happy to no end. They are adorable and hilarious, though I may be biased.

We were at an outdoor festival and it was HOT. The kids were overheating and getting really tired, so we bought some ice cream cones and sat in the shade for awhile. That's where we had one of the funniest conversations I've ever had with them. So funny in fact, I had to keep notes as it was going so I wouldn't forget what was said.

In this conversation, my oldest niece, who is 7, told me that I need to get married before I can have kids. I told her I was working on it, and asked what I should look for in a husband. Here's the transcript of the rest of the conversation.

"P" is my 7 year old niece.
"E" is my 6 year old nephew. 
"Me" is me. Duh.

Me: So what should I look for in a husband?

E: Find someone with his hair slicked back.

P: Maybe Justin Bieber.

E: Oh yeah, he'd be really good.

P: I was going to say Michael Jackson, but he's dead.

E: Michael Jackson is dead??

P: Find a boy who is really handsome.

E: With muscles that go up to the roof.

P: Try to find a guy who's cool at the beach.

E: Someone like Ken (of Ken and Barbie).

Me: What should he be like on the inside?

E: He should be smart.

P: Nice. And sexy.

Me: What does "sexy" mean to you?

P: Sexy with his girlfriend. Like kissing and stuff.

Me: Just kissing though, right?

P: Right.

E: He should be awesome.

So that's basically what I'm looking for now, in a nutshell. The conversation reminded me of Jane and Michael Banks' song in Mary Poppins (hence the title of this post).

If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sorts.

You must be kind, you must be witty
Very sweet and fairly pretty
Take us on outings, give us treats
Sing songs, bring sweets.

Yep, I guess that about covers it. Slicked back hair, cool at the beach, Justin Bieber, and Ken. But not Michael Jackson. I got this.


violet50 said...

Everything you need to know you can learn from a 6 and 7 year old. Very funny! We need to ask them questions more often. Who knows what ideas are lurking in their noggins?

Katherine said...

Oooh, I've gotta ask them about who I should look for, too! Now that you have a clear idea of the guy and all, I'm sure Justken Bieber with the slicked back hair will be easy to spot at the beach next week!

lizzie mc.- said...

I will NEVER hear Mary Poppins the same way ever again. A perfectly viable list if you asked me. Too darn cute!

Sui Sin Far said...

You don't hhhhave to get married before you have kids. LOL. Sorry. Just had to throw that in there.

...Anyway, seriously, it sounds like they're describing Peeta.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Melanie, you know that and I know that, but if a seven year old thinks you need to be married before you have kids, I'm not going to tell her you don't! haha

And good point about Peeta! That's so true!

Liz said...

Michael Jackson was all of those things, too bad he's dead. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any guys that might fit that description and are still alive (cause that's always a plus).