Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

I've been making a lot of stuff this week. Procrastinating more important things has been the main motivating factor here. That and stress. Whenever I'm stressed I turn to making things - whether it be food or crafts. It's therapeutic! And I have a long list of projects coming up! Here are some of the things I've made this week:

Three kid-sized hula hoops:


A string "e" (capital letters bum me out). Got this idea from Pinterest, of course. This picture is the worst. It's all dark and the letter clearly hasn't found its home yet. But just imagine that it's seriously beautiful in the light of day, and is going to be gorgeous when it finds its place on one of my shelves (wow, I'm placing a LOT of pressure on one letter).

Have you guys seen this Cookie Monster remake of "Call me Maybe"? It's worth a watch. And I hate the original song, so you can trust me. My favorite line is:

"Before you came into me life me missed you so bad."

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Ha! One of my students was just telling me about that Cookie Monster video! We just watched it and were cracking up!! I love all of your craftiness. And I have very high hopes for that e. ;) ee cummings would be proud.

Savd said...

Have you seen this one, too? :)

violet50 said...

I love the video - funny! And I love your crafts - especially the edible ones!

Jessica said...

That video made my Wednesday!!

Liz said...

Why don't you like capital letters? What did they ever do to you?