Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fire and Ice




It's so hot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know some of you in Arizona are thinking "Pf. She doesn't even know hot." And that's ok. You can think that. I think the same thing in the winter when you say it's "freezing" and it's 40 degrees. Ha!

But for Michigan, this is the hard month. It's supposed to be 103 degrees today with one BAZILLION percent humidity. Or at least, it will feel that way. You walk outside and feel like you're being steamed to death.

As Megan Amram said, "It's not you, it's me." - Humidity, to Heat

Ok, I'll stop being over dramatic.

Last night I lay in bed worrying about the heat today. Mainly because I love being outside but when I get too hot I turn into a monster. A ragey monster. That made me wonder: for all the complaining I do about winter, can I tolerate cold better than heat....?

Who am I....? I am having a slight identity crisis right now. It's not that I necessarly LIKE winter more than summer (that would be crazy talk) but maybe I can deal with it better? I mean, you can layer as many clothes as you want, but you can only take off so many, you know what I mean?

What about you? I'm not asking which season you LIKE more, but which season's weather can you tolerate more?

I'll leave you with a Robert Frost poem I memorized in middle school:

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if I had to parish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great, 
and would suffice.

It applies; don't over think it.

So which is it? Hot or cold? Which is more tolerable? Your comments are important. I'm going to send them to the Library of Congress once they're all in. Yep, this poll is that official.*

*this is the heat talking.


Bingyu said...

humid?? you don't even know humid..(LOL, hahaha, jk :)) Try Florida, not only SUPER hot but EXTREMELY humid!!! im literally STEAMED when im outside..

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh man, I believe it! Houston was like that too. (I served my mission there). Steamy steamy!

So which can you tolerate better?

violet50 said...

I'd rather be cold than hot. Like you say, you can continue layering and snuggling under blankets, but you can only take off so many clothes. Nice touch, the Robert Frost poem.

Melissa C said...

Gosh, this is so hard! I feel like I am having the same identity crisis! I mean, I am SICK of being in the house all summer b/c it is too hot to go outside with the kids. I feel like we wasted the whole summer. I must have lost my mind b/c I am looking forward to school starting, and that makes me sad. For running, I will run in the cold over the hot anyday. That said, I am prepared now to go into the inferno. Blech. KY is worse than MI righ tnow.

Katherine said...

I hate to say it, but I think I tolerate cold better. Except it makes me sadder than heat. Heat might make me crabby, but I'm actually happier because it's summer. It's strange. My body is confused.

lizzie mc.- said...

Easy choice... AUTUMN. I can tolerate it here when it's cold w/ 60mph wind because it's still sunny. But when it's 105 and the wind has died down, so do I... and there's no water in sight. I'd say winter, hot chocolate makes everything better, but chocolate ice cream's pretty great too. D. All of the above. I'm glad it changes, I'd get sick of any season all the time.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Sorry but autumn isn't an option!

haha! Autumn is clearly the best, but you can only choose between the extremes in this poll!

(i know, i'm so strict!) ;)

Kristin McElderry said...

I, like you, prefer summer but tolerate cold much better than warm. We are discussing moving back south, and my primary concern is the temperature! Oh, and I can't read that poem and not think of the Twilight movies.... Dork alert over here.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh no, that poem is in the movies? I don't remember it in the books, but I guess it's been awhile. Now I'm curious about it and how it's used!

elliespen said...

I will take cold over hot any day. It is so much easier to warm up than to cool down. Plus I hate feeling all sweaty and sticky all the time.

(And yes, the Robert Frost poem is used as an epigraph in the books—I think for Eclipse.)

Liz said...

Ha! Take that Arizona. Nailed it!
I may have a solution to your heat problems. How do you feel about joining a nudist colony? Ya, you're right that's a bad idea, I'll keep thinking.
That poem is great. You should recite it on your next date, guys love Robert Frost.