Monday, July 2, 2012


Actual convo between Katherine and me yesterday, on our drive to church.

* Last week when I was visiting my grandma, she expressed her concern that her son (who lives out of state) and her daughter (who lives here in Michigan) were both going to be on vacation the same week. She seemed really worried about this. I asked her why her son being out of town would bother her, since she doesn't see him during the week anyway. She said exasperatedly, "Because I'm trying to schedule a trip to Heaven and I don't want to ruin anyone's vacation! I need to figure out a time when no one is going to be on vacation this summer."*

* 13 year old nephew, talking about a girl he met: "she's really cool but I have one concern about her. She doesn't like bacon."

* Me to friend: It sounds like they think they're the boss of you.
Friend: They are the Tony to my Danza.

* Friend: Oh did, I tell you I'm coming to Michigan??
Me: REALLY? When!?!
Friend: Fall of 2013.
Me: That means nothing to me.

* Seen walking down the street this morning: Old woman wearing shirt that said "Class of 2006."
* Seen Saturday afternoon: Young child wearing shirt that said, "Class of 2009."
Nothing makes sense anymore.

*I reminded her that she can't schedule it. It's on the Lord's time. She just waved that away and said she knows. It's not that she's going to will herself to die. She just tries really hard to stay alive so she doesn't interrupt anyone's schedule.


Katherine said...

Hee hee! Yeah, I had to concede that singing Nickleback in that gravely voice *is* kind of satisfying. You really have to put your all into it. I wish I could quote other ridiculous (mostly on your part) conversations that we have in the car. No one would believe me. :) I do love all I these quotes!!

Polly Anna said...

There is no excuse for Nickeback! And grandma is getting pretty morbid these days. Tell her I'll be in on vacation till August 22nd,so she'll have to schedule after that, but before we leave for Japan. JK JK Totally JKing.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Don't worry, the Nickelback singing was purely a joke. I promise.

lizzie mc.- said...

My children can confirm that I am perpetually on vacation... mentally. SO, Grandma will have to stick around forever. Love the quote post. I kinda agree with the 13 year old (see what I mean about mental vacation) I don't really fully trust people that don't like bacon or chocolate. Maybe they're aliens. Thanks for the laugh.

Mary Burnette said...

I told her we were going to stagger our vacations, so she would just have to stick around.

violet50 said...

Good thinking, Mary. I love the t-shirts on unlikely wearers! Funny!