Friday, June 1, 2012

What's on my mind

I'm feeling a little snippy this morning. I'm tired, it's raining out, I'm cold, and what I really want is to be curled up in my comfy bed under my warm covers. Doesn't that sound divine? But instead of being snippy with you guys, how about  I share some quick snippets from my mind? (See what I did there?)

Something I've been loving lately: 
frozen grapes. I have been eating my weight in these lately.

A movie I'm kind of looking forward to:
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This movie looks so ridiculous, but I can't wait to see it. Plus, I bet it's based on a true story!

My next big purchase:  
I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a tent this summer. Kind of excited about this.

Something I'm afraid of:
seeing another snake this summer. I have already seen two and I barely lived to tell the tale. (That's a massive exaggeration but I still didn't like it either time.)

What I'm most looking forward to this summer:
the magic part of it. Outdoor movie nights, sparklers, the fourth of July, Ludington, swimming, biking, my 5K with Sarah, Tigers games, and Greenfield Village.

Grandma quote from last night:
I wish you could find a man who's your age or a little older and is ready to settle down. This guy you've been telling me about - I think he might be immature. He doesn't know what he's doing. You need to find someone who's ready to get married and have babies. Ask him if he's ready for that.*

What I'm DONE with: 
my stupid scale. I'm ready to stab it with a wooden spike and be done with it once and for all. Either that or just kick it under my dresser and go solely on how my clothes fit and how I feel rather than what I weigh.

What I'm drinking right now:  
hot water with a teaspoon of honey. I've been freezing since I first pealed myself out of bed this morning and this is meant to warm me up. Let's see if it works.

What I'm fed up with:
other people winning radio contests that I want to win but sadly, didn't enter.

What I'm tired of:
Figuring out the dating game.

What about you? What's on your mind today?

*She hardly knows anything about this guy, for the record, and I'm not dating him. I just told her a little bit about someone.


Bingyu said...

where did you get the mug??? i LOVE it!!! i want one too! :D and i love your grandma's comment, so cute~ i wish i had someone around me to tell me that..warm feelings~~ :)

violet50 said...

I think you need a silver stake for scales. And I think I see a pattern developing: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter/silver stake/being unable to get warm (I'm not sure about the last one). I'm thinking about Greenfield Village tomorrow! Fun times.

Heather said...

The kids asked me and begged me the whole ride to school this morning to tell them what you guys are doing tomorrow, but I wouldn't spill. They can't wait. Paige asked, "Is it more fun than the zoo?" I said yes. Ethan said, "Are there bathrooms?" I said yes. Ha! They crack me up. I told them they had to be on their best behavior and not me terrors. They Promised, so now you can hold them to that promise. :)
I am a little grumpy today too. This thing we have going on tomorrow is going to cost us more money than planned. Every time we turn around someone is saying, let's go to this FINE dining resturaunt." and "lets all chip in so the bride doesn't have to pay anything." Which would be fine if I didn't just have to spent hundreds of dollars to get the central air fixed and still need a new washing machine and the guy fixing the air said the hot water heater could go any second and I want to be able to take my kids on a little vacation this year. Sorry. I ranted a bit there. I apologize. :)
I am looking forward to backyard movies and my garden growing. Yay!

Nick said...

I found Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter the book interesting from the same author of pride and prejudice and zombies. It is fun on how he intertwines Real history with the Vampire mythology. It was a far stretch but will possibly make a great summer movie

Savd said...

Your summer fun list is awesome! And you know my philosophy on scales...DO NOT OWN ONE!! I'm serious. So serious that I might sneak over very soon and steal it. For realsies.

Katherine said...

I'm still cracking up at Ethan asking if there are bathrooms at GFV! Hee hee!!

I'm with you on the scale. I agree with Mom, though - I think a stake made out of some sort of metal would work better. Also, I've heard that Honest Abe was totally a vampire hunter. Or was it that he was a vampire lawyer? Not sure.

brenda hatch said...

When are you moving to AZ?!