Sunday, June 3, 2012

She's Making Jewelry Now

Recently while walking down the street with my sister Katherine, we noticed someone had left a large container of Christmas tree ornaments on the curb for free. She suggested I take them to use for my Christmas wreaths, but I didn't feel like lugging them home and storing them.

As we kept walking, I got to thinking about how often I start new projects and I said to Katherine, "I make things a lot, huh?" I had  never really thought about it. There's always some kind of craft or other project I'm into. Lately it's been hula hoops, and I'm about to start a sewing project. In the past, I've been into making jewelry, sewing bags, making headbands, wreathes, flower pins, crocheting scarves or hats or blankets, and so many other little projects.

I rarely sell the things I make (in fact, I think the hula hoops are the only thing I've gotten into selling),  but I always kind of think about it. Which makes me think of this video that I think several of you crafty friends will be able to relate to:

A few of my many ongoing projects...

Suffice it to say, my craft supplies are a bit out of control. Do you make and sell anything?


violet50 said...

I love this video! I get enough of a creative high just by watching my daughters create things. You wouldn't want to see the things I might come up with. I thing the last thing I "created" was made of macaroni and spray painted gold

Katherine said...

You know me, I'm a huge fan of crafting!! One of these days I'll sell a craft. In the mean time, I wouldn't mind selling a painting! I like all of your crafts and am waiting for you to open up an Etsy shop!!!! Seriously.

Ashley said...

Nothing wrong with being a little crafty. ;) Like Katherine said, maybe you should open an Etsy store someday. I'd totally buy one of those cute headbands.

Heather said...

I've had my etsy shop for a few years now. It's touch and go with my stuff selling, but I have sold sold a few things and it is definatly worth opening one and trying. I know you could sell stuff.
I love making things. There is just something about making a gift or something for yourself with your own hands. It's more personal. I am currently making a quilt for my sister-in-law for her wedding. A bazillion little triangles made into a queens size blanket shows love. Lol.

lizzie mc.- said...

hahaha! Yeppers. Maybe you've seen the flower arrangments/ wreaths. I love the end with the shipping, etc. You crack me up!