Monday, June 18, 2012

Check and Check

This weekend was one of the busier ones I've had in awhile. In fact, I was able to check TWO things off my summer checklist! I'll tell you about those two things in this post, and fill you in on the rest in the next. Sound like a plan? I almost hate to keep you waiting because my next post is going to be about crafting and tai chi (among other things) and I know how much you all love both of those!

The first thing I checked off my summer checklist this weekend was a trip to Bill's Drive-In, which, as I mentioned before, is known for it's delicious hot dogs and homemade root beer. After a church activity Saturday morning, I headed over there with a few friends for lunch.

As we were pulling in we had the following conversation:

Jonathan: Do they serve fries here?
Me: No. Just chips, hot dogs and root beer.
Jonathan: But I like fries. Are you sure they don't serve fries? Maybe they changed the menu.
Me: They didn't change the menu. This is what they're known for: chips, hot dogs, and root beer. That's it.

As soon as we pulled in, the server walked over to us. This is what happened IMMEDIATELY after we were approached by the server:

Jonathan: Do you have fries?
All in unison: No!

We all deemed the food delicious and Pedro even said that even though he doesn't usually like root beer, he loved this root beer. Jonathan said if they served french fries it could be his new favorite place. I'll definitely be going back this summer!

The next thing I checked off my summer checklist was a big one for me! I ran my first 5K! Now, I realize that many of you are veteran runners and scoff at the idea of a mere 5K. But for me, this was a big deal. I have never been a runner, though I've made attempts a couple times in my life. For the last two months I've been training regularly for this though, and was really nervous!

You might remember that my friend Sarah challenged me to do it with her, so she ran with me. I'm sure I slowed her down, but she was a trooper and didn't complain about it! And great news: I ran the whole time! I was not the fastest runner but I didn't even care. And strangely enough, I liked it so much I'm signing up for another! Who am I!?

Here's a picture of Sarah and I before the race:

And here we are after the race jumping under the balloon arch that was used to start the race. After the start they moved it over off the road, next to the Michigan stadium. I clearly do NOT know what to do when jumping under an arch.

Not knowing how to jump under an arch is something I've known about myself for awhile. Ever since I failed at jumping under another arch at Arches National Park in Utah. My friend Emily did the most graceful photogenic jump ever, but I scraped my arm in my jump and barely lived to tell the tale (ok, that second part is a huge exaggeration).

Anyway, it was a fun weekend and one I will remember for a long time. Mostly for the hot dogs.


Bingyu said...

wow!! i've never done a 5K my life but you look so fit and healthy after your months long training, im thinking about running more now~

haha, and i AM waiting on the Tai Chi thing!! :D

violet50 said...

You look fabulous in the photo! It's a great accomplishment to run your first 5k. Congratulations!!

lizzie mc.- said...

So proud of you. We'll just say that you got blown off your good jump. After all the balloons most certainly were. Thank you for making the rest of us feel normal. But you are better than the average bear. YOU RAN A 5K! So proud. It almost makes my heart, but not my knees, want to join in. YEA SUMMER!

Katherine said...

YAY YOU! I mean, about running the 5K. Not so much for your jumping-under-an-arch skills... ;) HA! So good. You've inspired me!!! YAY!

Liz said...

It's been a little while since you posted this, I was just wondering if you think that place serves fries now. Cause if they do I would definitely have to come back to Mich for that.