Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Today is definitely an I-don't-want-to-be-at-work day. It's a gorgeous day outside, and I. want. to. be. outside! (Yes, I'm stomping my feet like a child.) I went to hoop group at work this morning, where we took our hula hoops out and hooped in the parking lot for awhile. That was fun but that tiny taste of sunshine just wasn't enough. So I took a lunch break and headed out.

I started at the farmers market where I loaded up on sugar snap peas and strawberries. I ate soooo many sugar snap peas on my way home that I nearly turned into a sugar snap pea myself. I didn't even wash them first because sometimes it's important to live life on the edge. Take risks and whatnot. Face your own mortality. When I want to convince people I'm a rebel, I either wear a leather jacket or eat unwashed vegetables. Same dif.

Then I ate my lunch outside, where Daisy joined me. I am not going to take a picture of my lunch because it was a Lean Cuisine, and Lean Cuisines are just depressing. There's no way around it. They bum people out. But I will show you a picture of Daisy girl because she is so cute and sweet.

I ate my lunch, then touched up my lavender finger nail polish, then I just sat in the sun for a little while. The fire pit wasn't far from me and it reminded me of the fact that I built a fire last night. I am almost positive it's the first fire I've ever built and may I brag for a second? It was a really good fire. I wasn't quite as ecstatic as Tom Hanks in Castaway when he "made" fire, but I was pretty proud of myself. Isn't sitting around the campfire with someone the best way to spend an evening?

As long as you're not doing it on a deserted island, of course. That takes away some of the fun (since there's no marshmallows and all).

Now that I have my sun fix, I suppose I can sit at my desk inside for the rest of the afternoon. I've got sunshine on the brain though. I'm thinking about:

*the fact that I'm turning into a total freckle face, as I do every summer
*that I need to get to some Tigers games soon
*that my 5K is this weekend! (eeep!)

...among other things. How's your day going?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

I have to admit, it was very nice not having to work today and being able to enjoy the weather!! It was gorgeous out!! I worked in the garden, played Sorry with our nieces and nephew outside under the canopy... Good times! I know the feeling about building a fire. Makes you feel good!!

karajean said...

After a year and a half of homemade lunches every single day, I finally gave in a started bringing frozen lunches to work this very week. And you are right, it's pretty depressing. When I am done with the ones I already bought I will probably go back to pb & j sandwiches.