Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm sorry Wednesday Thoughts is so late today. You don't even care anymore, do you? It's practically Thursday! Today has been a really busy day. And a stressful one at that. I had my annual work evaluation today. I was a nervous wreck all day anticipating it. All I had for lunch was a Snickers and some carrots. I couldn't be bothered to microwave my veggie burger and eat my salad. That's how stressed I was. I could only deal with sugar, nothing more complicated than sugar. But thankfully, the review went well. So, phew.

So on to some Wednesday Thoughts.

You know what I could never pull off? Being a hipster. I mean, I've never tried but I've thought about it. I'm secretly a little jealous of hipsters. I could never wear skinny jeans or say "right on." I've tried saying "right on" but I totally can't pull it off. I've only said it in the privacy of my own home but it didn't sound right. I like it when other people say it, but it just doesn't work for me. Plus, I could never be a vegan. I'm not sure I totally know what a hipster is.

I was thinking about something kind of upsetting today: the fact that I'm drawn to a certain type of guy, but that type isn't necessarily the type of guy I want to marry. That disconnect might be part of the reason I'm still single. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to bridge the gap. Anyone else experience this?

Ok so, you know I love Detroit, so I wanted to share this video I saw on CNN this morning. It has Johnny Knoxville in it who I really have no opinion of, but who I vaguely feel I should dislike for reasons I can't identify. But either way, I liked this clip.

It's 11:11, make a wish.

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

I wish for a puppy and a unicorn!

That really was a good clip! I love Detroit and am always sad at how terribly it's portrayed in the media. They rarely focus on all of the amazing things there! It's so great!! And I'm with you on Johnny Knoxville... ;)

I'm glad that your review went well! And a Snickers for lunch is better than a bag of BBQ flavored potato chips for dinner... ;) Can't win 'em all, I guess!

As for being a groovy hipster, I can't pull it off either, though I might be a little closer as an artist... Either way, I LOVE to picture you saying "right on" at home, testing it out, seeing how it feels. HA! :)

Ashley said...

Great and interesting thoughts!

Glad your eval went well.

What kind of guy are you drawn to?

Heather said...

Yeah. Describe the type of guy you are drawn too. Sorry..that sounded bossy.

I am going to start saying, "Right on." Just to see how it feels.

Mark said...

I think you're attracted to Johnny Knoxville, but you know he's not the kind of guy you should marry. You dislike the feeling of internal conflict and project it on Mr. Knoxville, who may actually be a pretty nice guy.

I hope you're looking for someone other than the host of show devoted to beating up midgets and kicking people in the groin. You need a guy with mature interests, like blowing stuff up.

Kathy said...

Ick, I HATE it when people say "right on". I thought it was out of style to say that? But I think you'd look pretty dope in skinny jeans. Holla!

Melissa C said...

Great video! You find the coolest stuff. I started watching Detroit 1-8-7, and lately have been thinking, man, I am glad I don't work in the city anymore-which when I first moved here, I worked at Van Dyke and 94- VERY SCARY DETROIT, not like the "psuedo" scary Detroit where Ryan works on the edge of Dearborn. I am sad I am not running in the Detroit marathon this year, opting to stick in the burbs, epecially after seeing this.

I bet you could totally rock skinny jeans. I cannot...I am too short and too athletic. They make my calves look funny.

Linda said...

This was a good video clip. But it makes me wish either that I had millions of dollars to invest in the city or that I were a wizard who could wave a magic wand to get rid of all of the old broken buildings, rebuild neighborhoods, build parks, strengthen schools, get people off the streets and into low cost housing and offer job training and then have jobs to offer.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm drawn to guys who are slightly more wild than what I'm looking for. I'm also drawn to confidence and the wild guys are usually confident. That's part of the problem. ;)

Here's a funny link someone sent me about "unintentional hipsters"