Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Least Favorites

You know what I love? When the weather matches my mood. I didn't exactly wake up in the best mood this morning. I was tired and kind of stressed about a couple things going on in my life, then I walked outside and it was cold, overcast and rainy. Perfect. It actually lifted my spirits. It's like the weather didn't expect anything of me - it was willing to meet me where I was at.

That being said, today seemed like the perfect day to write a post I've been intending to write for a couple weeks now: My Least Favorites. I don't know about you, but I think it's more interesting to find out what movies, music, and t.v. shows people don't like than what they do like (or at least equally interesting). So I thought I'd share a few of my least favorites with you. I'd love to hear some of yours as well.

Before I start, let me just say that I don't mean to hurt any one's feelings here. If you happen to love one of the things I list here, please don't take it personally. We all come at things with different backgrounds and experiences that make us react to them in our own unique way. So no hard feelings, k? Anyway, here we go.

My Least Favorites:

Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Ugh, I hate this movie. Ferris is annoying - is he supposed to be charming? The principal is disgusting. I hate every scene he's in. And what is wrong with Cameron? Why is he like that? I get it, he's from a family where he's ignored or something - but he's still really weird. And a little creepy. And Ferris's sister's life is horrible! I've been subjected to this movie many times and I loathe it.

Music: There really aren't any artists I hate,  but there are some I'm more likely to switch off the radio than others. These are: Annie Lennox, Phil Colins, and Tom Petty. I can't explain why. Something about their music or voices. I can't decide. I like a couple songs from them, but overall, not a fan. Listening to them is like walking on-walking on-walking-on broken glass, if you know what I mean.

Books: The Book of Ruth. Not the book in the Bible, the novel. I read it forever ago but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from it. I don't even want to get into it. It was creepy and not in a spooky way. Just... bad. The kind of book that lingers with you for awhile and you can't shake it off.

And now for some least favorite "shorts":

Food: Yogurt. I can eat it once per month or so, but not twice. The first time, I like it. The second time, gag.
Animal: Snakes. I saw one again last week! Terrifying!
TV show: Nah, I'm going to stay away from this one. I have a feeling some of you love this show and probably feel passionately about it. So, next!
Color: This brick-orange color that I can't really describe but it makes me feel sick to my stomach when I see it.
Word: Flesh. Yuck. I hate the way it sounds.

Tell me about some of your least favorites! And I'll try to be more positive in my next post.


alecia said...

ha ha. Loved this post.

Mine is Curious George. It teaches my daughter to grunt and destroy things.

I am dying to know what your tv show is!!! Could you tell heather and then she can text me, so then it's like it stays in the family. Is that logic?

Priscilla said...

I'm sorry, Elizabeth, but you can't write a post like this and not tell us all what TV show you dislike!! That's just cruel. I'm so with you on the Ferris Bueller thing. Everyone speaks of it with such reverence, like it's a classic. I think it's so dumb. What else...I have a severe aversion to Neil Diamond's voice, eh, just thinking about it makes me cringe.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'll tell you both in private. :) I don't mean to be secretive but I know people love this show!

Sara said...

I may have to steal your idea and write a post like this. A good rainy day gripe session is in order. I just vented some work related gripes and I'm feeling much better. I'm 100% with you on the Book of Ruth and yogurt. Brick-orange annoys me too.

Linda said...

Food: peas
Animal: snakes
T.V. show: most, okay all, reality shows
Color: pea green
Word: irregardless - not a word

Katherine said...

I love your opening to this post! Beautifully said!! :)

One of my least favorite movies is "Armageddon." Oh, how I loathe that movie. ;) I'm with you on Tom Petty, too. His voice drives me nuts...
As for the rest:
Food: Anything I have to eat off a bone (ribs, chicken legs, etc)
Animal: Cat
Color: A combination of brick-orange and pea green
Word: Cacaphonic. Yech.

Hmm...this does feel good. I couldn't think of answers to some, so I may be back... ;)

Amy said...

This seems like a really fun post to comment on, but the only things I can think of saying are boring (least favorite food: raisins; least favorite weather: cold; least favorite height to be at: really, really high).

Also, the shirt I am wearing right now can probably be described as brick-orange :(. But I think I've probably worn it around you before and you didn't inexplicably turn away from me in disgust, so maybe it's not quite the right (wrong?) shade. :)

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

I can't stand people who hate Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Who do they think they are, judging such an awesome movie as bad?

I also don't like bad/lazy spelling and corned beef hash. I think I've thrown up every time I've had it.

nate said...

It's clearly The Office

Christi said...

Book: Harry Potter. I haven't read it, I have no interest in reading it, and that doesn't make me a horrible person!
Food: Water chestnuts. They just don't taste like their texture implies. It's quite disconcerting.

Sarah said...

Love the new quote on the side!! Nard Dog!! :)

Heather said...

Oohh..people are feisty. I automatically have to go to bat for harry potter. You can't say you don't like it if you haven't read it. Just pure logic there.
I dislike fish, people who text or are on their phones while you with them..rude. also: poor manners. Say excuse me if you bump into me...I mean for real. Ooh,and poeple who think they are better or smarter than me b\c I didn't graduate college. (Not you guys..other people)

Christi said...

I don't care that other people DO like Harry Potter, I'm just not interested, and I get sick of people acting like I just ran over their puppy when I say I have no desire to read it.
And if I can't dislike I book I haven't read, Elizabeth can't dislike a television show she's never seen. :)

Linda said...

Harry wouldn't be offended if you didn't want to read about him. He doesn't have a big ego.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Ok people, calm down. You're allowed to hate whatever you want. The TV show I hate is one I've never seen. I just hate the hoopla surrounding it. No arguing! :)

D said...

I hate Mary Poppins! some kids I baby sat HAD to watch it every time I was there. She is so smug and prideful too. yuck! I still love Julie Andrews just not that movie or character.

Love the discussion!

word: There are a couple misspelled words I hate i.e. cloths for clothes.

animal: I hate spiders in my house. This house seems to have tons of them!

food: I only like eggs in things or with lots of toppings. And even then I can only eat just so much before I start gagging.


Michelle Williams said...

Food: anything with HOT spices, it baffles me why people would choose to put them in because it so distracts from the flavor of the food. Of course there are some tastes you need distracting from

animal: cockroaches, While b-sitting for a family on an American military base in Japan, I saw 2 inch long cockroaches with wings, in their pantry! EEEEE!

TV: I'm baffled by the reality shows. Why would people want to show the agonies they go through to the world? Also the wrestling show, so fake!

color: I'm not a fan of black or grey, they aren't a color, they are an absence of color, to me anyway! I refuse to use them in my paintings.I will mix several colors together to create colorful grays and blacks. LOL I know that sounds crazy. I make blue blacks and yellowish greys, ect. Kathrine will understand.

word: people, including me,write 'your' when the mean 'you're'. I hate when I make that mistake!

Liz said...

I really want to know what TV show is your least favorite, I forgave you for not liking Ferris I can forgive you for not liking a TV show I like if it is one I like.