Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumnal Math

Farm Animals
Blue Ribbons
Country Music Performances
Demolition Derby
Stuffed Animals
Cotton Candy
Ferris Wheel
Colored lights
Tractor Pull
Fried everything (broccoli, Twinkies, mushrooms...)
The County Fair

The perfect way to usher in fall. What symbolizes the start of fall for you?

And P.S., If you haven't checked out my guest piece over on the Singles Ward blog, please do!


Kathy said...

You forgot to add "mysteriously attractive farmers" and "terrifying-ly friendly carnival workers" to the equation. :)-

Sara said...

Love this! Really love that corn pic. :) Saturday was a great way to send off summer and say hello to fall! Mud flying, and all.

Your singles blog post was very good too.

Heather said...

OH. This makes me ready for some fall weather...and the food that goes with it - chili, stew, gumbo.

lizzie mc.- said...

Driving down a quiet street with newly fallen leaves. Faded red barns. Pumpkin guts. Chili and cornbread. Foggy mornings. New tennis shoes. Acoustic guitars. Old Rag Mountain. Great Falls Park. Bears den. Barn dances.

Katherine said...

Freshly sharpened bouquets of pencils? ;) Also yummy soups, geese flying overhead, my birthday, kids looking grumpier about having to go back to school, new backpacks, new notebooks, syllabi, apple cider and donuts (preferably from the Dexter Cider Mill), pumpkins, corn mazes...I love fall!

Linda said...

I love the fair! The only fair I had been to before we moved here was the state fair. Great pictures!

Heather said...

Oh fair. Good times had by all.
Fall has such a varitable cornicopia of things to do.(that was for you katherine)
I love sweatshirts, hearing people yell at football games, crockpots of meatballs, dexter cider mill.