Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Happy Wednesday, guys! Isn't it nice when Wednesday falls on a Tuesday? It feels that way at least. I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday.

Anyway, I guess if you're here, you're looking for some Wednesday Thoughts, and guess what? I have a few for you. Just a few.

My first thought is about the cold. I'm so confused by it. Just last week it was 90 degrees, and today - cold! I saw kids riding their bikes to school with coats and hats on this morning. Tonight I went on a bike ride with Sarah - we went a bit later than usual and it was getting dark. The wind was blowing hard and whistling through our helmets and I said something to Sarah about how it sounded like a witches scream. She said that with the wind and cold, it felt like Halloween tonight. How about something in between, Mother Nature?

Here's a short story I thought you might be amused by. But first you should know that I'm not very good at taking a compliment. So, this weekend I was on a walk up in Ludington when an older man riding his bike passed me and said, "they don't make 'em like you anymore!" He startled me so it took me a second to digest what had been said. By the time I did, I was conflicted about how I should feel. I mean, honestly, that could be taken any number of ways. I wanted to yell after him, "could you please elaborate!?!" But he was gone. And it was left to my interpretation what he meant.

Anyway, remember the whole dispute I had with the receptionist at my doctors appointment a couple weeks ago? I put the old time card in my purse so I can bring it tomorrow but I haven't decided if that would be too bratty of a thing to do. What would you do?

Happy Wednesday.


The Boob Nazi said...

I worked on Monday, so Wednesday was still my Wednesday.

Linda said...

Take the card and show it to her!! Let's see how sing-songy her voice is then!

Robin said...

I would take the shout out as a compliment:-) Got nothing for you on the timecard. My pearls of wisdom sometimes are few and far between...

Ashley said...

If it was me, I'd let the whole timecard thing go. She probably has enough problems than to be reminded of another one.

And I'd be torn whether to take that older man's comment as a compliment, too. Age and appearance would factor into my decision.

Elizabeth Downie said...

He was about 50, Ashley. And I'm leaning that way with the card too. Thanks! :)

brenda hatch said...

Totally show them the card! And then let us know what it said!

You were in my dream last night, but I don't remember it very well. Funny that I don't even know you that well. Well, I know the "blog" you lol. I guess you make an impression on me!

Heather said...

Show the card. You may help them take more time with their writing and someone else can avoid the same problem in the future.

And since I am already bossing you around...take the original one at that!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for leaving out the part of our bike ride where a "duck" was terrorizing us from the reeds...I think we had spooky Halloween on our brains! :)

And I would have loved for you to have shouted your need for elaboration...that would have caught him off guard! But seriously, that is an awesome compliment, take it, enjoy it, revel in it! :)

Please take the card with you. Use it just to point out that this is the second time you've had a mix-up, maybe they could type their appointment cards? Or call to confirm the time? Make a helpful suggestion. Or, keep it handy in case she gets on her high horse again! :)

Mark said...

I am enjoying this weather! I like having an excuse to wear a jacket and long pants. The additional pockets give me a place to put my keys and my hands. My coworkers and students have been subjected to viewing my skinny legs since April, so they're probably glad too. I just wish we could keep these temperatures for a couple of months before I start seeing my breath in the air.

Was the guy on the bike passing you from the front or behind? If he got a look at your fabulous smile from a distance, then he meant it in a positive way. My coworker, a woman midway between your age and mine, said she would take it as a compliment, then not think about it again.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Mark, I'm trying not to infer from your comment that if he saw me from behind, he may not have meant it in a nice way. It was from behind, by the way. ha ha!!!

But thanks for the compliment. You are too kind! :)

You and skinny jeans... I love it. That's awesome.

AngelaBeth said...
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AngelaBeth said...

Maybe make friends with you dental assistant or dentist or hygienist and show them? You're more likely to be vindicated and not feel bad about it! Who knows.. maybe they all think she's a crazy person. lol

Anonymous said...

My two cents… don’t show the card but is a lesson learned, although I do believe it was the receptionist fault, before you leave with your next appointment card clarify and make sure you both are in agreement of the date and time for the next appointment.

Unto the next topic – I have to say that was an awesome compliment

They don’t make them like you anymore,
That’s for sure,
And when they made you,
They made sure they threw away the mold.
Oh, how I wish you could see,
I want to be in your vicinity.

Well I’ve heard that one day,
Everything comes to him that waits,
Well that may be so,
But you know it may be too late,
Oh, how I’d love for you to see,
That I want to be in your vicinity.

Rory Gallagher

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Mark said...

My opinion was that a comment to your face is much less likely to be a cat-call than one from the rear :)

I wore shorts all summer except for Sundays, when I put on "grownup" pants to enhance reverence in the chapel.

Thank you Elizabeth, I will take your comment as a compliment. Next time I'm out bike riding, I'll pass the kind thoughts on.

Anonymous Admirer! My opinion of you went way up. I was listening to Rory Gallagher (RIP) live albmum just this week.

Katherine said...

I'm so confused about the cold, too. I mean, when do I take the air conditioner out of my window?! What if it suddenly warms up again?! Ai-ai-ai.

And I really hope you took the card and gave her what-for! In the nicest way possible, of course. ;)

lizzie mc.- said...

Passing along the thoughts of my husband after my yeah anonymous strikes again... Yeah is great and all but that only gets you so far.

Elizabeth, assume it's a complement... it's meant to be and if it wasn't assume the best about yourself. According to me he thought, you're feminine, innocent, fun-loving and of course, easy on the eyes.