Monday, June 7, 2010


Blogger has not been working for me (and many others) since yesterday. And I had tons of seriously interesting things to tell you guys about over the weekend! The most interesting things ever, basically. But now I forgot them all. Every last one. That's what rage will do to you.

So until I'm able to calm down again and think clearly (I may be exaggerating my anger just a tad), here's a link to the Singles Ward blog where they talk about crushes guys have on girls in response to my post about crushes girls have on guys. It's pretty interesting! Check it out.

Ok, I'm starting to feel calmer now...blogger is working, I can update both of my blogs.... all is right with the world (minus everything that's wrong with it).

I'll be back later with some actual content.


Katherine said...

I was pretty T.O.ed myself! Sorry for the profanity there. I was pretty darned upset. Glad that you're back, though!

Linda said...

Hey, I think that your lost ideas were psychically transformed to me. See if these sound right: time travel, knock-knock jokes, and Milli Vanilli. Glad I could help.

Linda said...

Whoops. By transformed I meant transmitted. Apparently your intelligence wasn't also transmitted to me.

~ Malissa ~ said...

"be back later"?? I can't wait until "later!!" I'm gonna have a bone to pick with blogspot!! There goes my sanity for the moment, er day. ;-)

brenda hatch said...

do you use Windows Live Writer to post to blogger? it's the best!