Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Lately I've found myself a bit stuffed up, sneezy (is that a word?), and headachy (yeah, that's a word). I find myself explaining, "it's just my allergies" when people ask if I'm ok, but the truth is....(get ready for a big reveal) I don't have any allergies. Not to anything outdoors anyway. It's a proven fact. I've been tested for allergies more than once.

So why do I say it's my allergies when I get stuffed up? I have no idea. I guess it just makes things easier - no further explanation is needed when you say the word "allergies." Now that I think of it, I think instead of phasing it out for a more honest answer (I have a cold), I'll start using it more often.

Why am I still single? Allergies.
Overslept? Allergies.
Forgot to call you back? Sorry. Allergy season.
Borrowed your sweater and forgot to return it? Don't blame me, my allergies have been acting up.

It's a catch-all we can all get behind. Am I right?

In other Wednesday Thoughts, I have been having a lot of crazy dreams lately. For the past week or so I've been waking up an hour before my alarm goes off then falling back asleep. Because of this fragmented sleep, I've been remembering more dreams than usual - and I usually remember a lot.

The problem is that I sometimes can't remember if the dreams really happened or not. I only remember fragments - - scenes, really. And because they're just scenes and not whole story lines, they can easily disguise themselves as memories and confuse me. For example, I found myself wondering out loud earlier,

"Did I really see a human sized dandelion or was that a dream?"

When said out loud it became clear it must have been a dream. But until then, I wasn't sure. Now I just have to figure out if I really went into outer space or not...

Happy Wednesday!


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I use "allergies" as a thing, too! Like, my eyes will get red for no reason (seriously NO you, I've been tested numerous times to see what my deal is, and they are just optically ornery, I guess). So, when someone remarks on it, I'm all, "Oh yeah, allergies." :) Never thought of it as that catch-all before, but you're so right! I'm going to start using it for more things, too! :)

Katherine said...

Ha! You're funny. (Understatement...) This morning my left eye would NOT stop watering and my nose is all runny, and I'm blaming allergies, too! I hate them, and the way they make me lose things and forget birthdays and eat unhealthy foods and be lazy.
And the dandelion was REAL! I can't believe you forgot about that.

Melissa C said...

I love it! This is great. Have you tried a neti pot? They are super weird (looking, the feeling you get while actually using them in your mind and in your sinuses), but I am sure they would make for a great post. They do work

brenda hatch said...

Nope, not cuz of's cuz you live in Michigan!!! ;)

Claire said...

Sometimes I have really mundane dreams that could have happened in real life... It gets confusing. :) Life sized dandelions, however...

Robin said...

Early morning dreams are really vivid and can totally freak you out. Been there, done that. And you could have food allergies or dust, mold, mildew type allergeis. Plus, we can become allergic to things. It happens all the time.

David and Linda said...

The allergy excuse is right up there with "My dog ate it". I use it all of the time. More so now that I don't have a dog.