Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night I had dinner downtown. It's not always easy to find a place to park but after circling a block or two I found a spot in front of the Blind Pig (a venue where local bands play).

A couple hours later I went back to my car and found it totally blocked by a van and trailer which the band playing at the Blind Pig that night was unloading. I wasn't in a huge hurry so I told the groovy hipster unloading the trailer to take his time(ish). We had the following conversation:

me: This is me. (pointing to my car). Sorry.
groovy hipster: Sorry! Two minutes!
me: That's fine. Take your time.
gh: about two hours?
me: How about two minutes.
gh: A half hour?

Assuming he was kidding, I stood next to my car and waited (the van was so close to my car, I couldn't even get in). It was a nice evening so I wouldn't have minded standing outside normally. But I became increasingly self conscious as more guys with or in the band started loitering around the van - not helping unload it, just milling around it, glancing over at me occasionally.

Was I scared of them? Not at all. None of them weighed more than 90 lbs. and their skinny jeans couldn't have been less intimidating. But what was intimidating was how nerdy they made me feel.

Every single one of them looked like they were in a band opening for Kings of Leon (see pictured) - underweight, shaggy or flat ironed hair, beardy, skinniest jeans possible, jean jackets, and just general Chris Robinson meets Caleb Followill looks to them.

I stood there feeling like the geeky librarian that I am and becoming increasingly conscious of how square I am. I'm so square I even say "square" which probably makes me more square.

I went from this:

to this:

faster than you can say "nerd!"

A few minutes later the hipster came out and moved the van and I went on with my life, a slightly different person now. A changed person. A person aware of how nerdy they are. Next time I park downtown, I'll be sure it's in front of either the library or the Christian Science Reading Room.

Happy Wednesday.


alecia said...

Nerd alert! This made me laugh so much. Thanks.

Katherine said...

HA! I love your transformation picture. And I think you're right - saying "square" kinda does make you one... But I'm one to talk! Nerd's my middle name. ;) You're not a dork, I promise! Just not a groovy hipster. (A phrase which still cracks me up every time I hear/read it!) And that's a good thing! Thanks for the good laughs! (Both yesterday when you told me the story and today reading about it - funny every time!!) (P.S. I just read the Mr. Burns quote again and it cracks me up so much! Ah, Mr. Burns. Eeeeexcellent.)

Kwo Ling said...

Where was I when this happened?!! Don't worry too much. No one wants to actually be a hipster. Not the ones that try too hard anyway.

opticwalrus said...

Just for fun I looked up Caleb Followill on Wikipedia. Here's my favorite bit from the entry:

Followill was anorexic as a teenager but overcame this when he began smoking [marijuana] and started eating the associated "munchies".[citation needed]

Such a trustworthy source of info!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, this story is a classic!! Wish I had been there to keep you company and document the transformation to "librarian," altho I think you'd still pull off the undercover-beauty librarian look, the one who wears glasses and her hair in a bun by day, but dramatically removes her glasses and unfurls her bun to reveal sexy hair, all in slow-motion, of course! :)

David and Linda said...

"Groovy hipster" and "square"? Are you from the 50's? I feel like I just read the script for an episode of "Dobie Gillis". You are not a nerd! But you are very funny!! I like Sarah's idea of your transformation by night, complete with slow-mo hair.

Mark said...

Every one of those guys standing around the van was there because of the good looking blonde waiting for her car.

"Dude, who's the chick?"
"I don't man, but she's hot."
"Yeah, in a Marian the librarian kind of way."
"You going to talk to her?"
"No way, I'm too baked. Just going to chill and appreciate the beauty of the moment."
"Cool. Appreciate. Uh, who's the chick?"

And so on.

Datin'Kait said...

When you're wearing cuffed socks with your penny loafers and ankle length skirts everyday, you'll know you have a problem.

I was a major nerd in highschool, and being around cute, outgoing adolescent girls still makes me feel a twinge self-conscious and super geeky. You're not alone.

Super Zero said...

Sorry about my van being in your way. It was cool to see you at the show last night. who knew.

Lady Baillio said...

That's great. It made me relax while my son's been ripping his lungs apart crying 'cause he doesn't want to go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

it seems you also need a video blog so we can share on your adventures; I have met a few hot librarians.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Robert said...

If you are square, then I don't want to know what that makes me! lol. What kind of square goes downtown to eat with friends? None! They would be hanging out in the library break room munching on their carrots and polishing their glasses!

You don't qualify! But I would like to see the whole 'hair in a bun with glasses and the slow-mo whipping of the hair after work!" You'd look really cute!

Natalie said...

I will never understand how a guy can wear jeans so tight. You'd "think" that some dangly boy parts would be sufficated in there. Or at least that's what my husband tells me.

Happy FF!

Heather said...

That story was funny. Librarians are cool too.

Nice to meet you from Follow Me Friday.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

Wait a minute! Your telling me you're a nerd. How did I not know this before. I may have to rethink our friendship. ;)