Monday, April 5, 2010

This band rules!

I have the most embarrassing taste in music. While officially my favorite band is Led Zeppelin, unofficially I'd be very embarrassed for anyone to see my iTunes collection.

I once dated someone who was a total music snob. He only liked a musician if no one else had ever heard of them. Once someone he liked went main stream (aka "sold out") he'd move on. When we'd get in the car he'd turn on the CD player and say, "you have to hear this guy - he's so good." What would typically follow was the weirdest music I'd ever heard - almost always containing at least one flute solo. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to break up with him. I'm kidding, that had nothing to do with the demise of our relationship (not officially anyway).

Just to give you a hint of how embarrassing my taste in music is, I recently downloaded the song "We Built this City (on rock and roll)" by Starship and I think that song rocks. I've read several articles that claim that it's the "worst song ever" but what do critics know!?

My music collection actually makes no sense. I guess I'm not unique in that - most people like a variety of music. I made a mix CD recently that had a combination of Lil Wayne, Paula Abdul, Enya, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Counting Crows, Back Street Boys, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Taylor Swift. Ok, I was too ashamed to admit this, but there was also a Jonas Brothers song on there. Are you judging me? I'm judging myself enough for the both of us, so can we just move on? If it makes you feel any better, I almost always skip that song when it comes up.

I feel so exposed.

I think it's time to come clean. For your mocking pleasure, I am going to reveal the five most embarrassing songs on my iTunes:

Paranoid by the Jonas Brothers
I drove all night by Celine Dion
When I needed you by Erasure
Africa by Toto
I wanna know you by Hannah Montana (I sooo wanted to not include that one but I feel the need to be completely honest - I know. It's worse than you expected.)

Make me feel better? What are the most embarrassing songs you can't help but love? You can tell me. You're safe here.


The Boob Nazi said...


Um, and Erasure isn't either. Erasure rocks. Celine Dion.. DEFINITELY NOT.

The other two.. Yes.

karajean said...

Bahaha Hannah Montana!! Yes, yes, that is embarrassing. But I just went through my iTunes and am going to let you know that I have "Can I Have This Dance?" from HSM3.

Annnd I listen to it.

Amy said...

I love it when people look at my bookshelf, but for some reason I get really nervous when people start scrolling through my iPod.

I use my running playlist as an excuse for all the embarrassing songs on my iPod. Anything embarrassing can be passed off as a good running song, including "We Built This City on Rock and Roll" (I've got that one, and can probably sing along to the whole thing). I just don't admit to the fact that sometimes I listen to my running playlist when I'm not running.

Katherine said...

Yeah, I've got some *Nsync (not downloaded, but ripped from the CDs I purchased as they were released - I think I earn embarrassing points there), Hanson, and the Rosie O'Donnell Christmas album. Yikes...yikes.

Crystal said...

I have the New Kids on the Block Christmas album from back in the late 80's. I had the tape back then and then about 5 years ago came across the CD at a used store. Yep, I had to buy that bad boy.

Katherine said...

Since when has USA Today been right about anything? "We Built this City" is awesome.

I own an entire Hannah Montana CD (gag gift). I was about to qualify my confession by saying the soundtrack never made it onto my computer, but I just checked iTunes and it's definitely there for reasons I can't explain. (In my defense: Play count on all tracks is 0. And no Jonas Brothers.)

As for embarrassing songs I love, since that's what you actually asked for, I wouldn't even know where to start...

Natalie said...

I'm so very out of the loop when it comes to music. I do not own an ipod and my most commonly played pandora station is "backyardigans" (kid tunes) for the boys.

I DO have a special (embarrassing) place in my heart for my dance hits super mix cd from high school days. songs like "rhythm of the night" and "sweet dreams"...but we shall never speak of this again.

Sarah said...

I love that Celine Dion song...I actually am going to look to put it on my iTunes right now!

My most embarrassing song:
"Who Let The Dogs Out" by the Baja Men

Claire said...

I Drove All Night is NOT embarrassing. Pch.

Jonas and Hannah... a little. I'm not judging, though, there is pleeeeenty of embarrassing music on my iPod.

Brady said...

For a while I had the soundtrack to High School Musical on my computer. I don't think it's in my rotation right now, but I haven't checked. My excuse was that my roommate wanted to buy it, and we decided that getting it on iTunes was cheaper. So I let him use my computer. And then didn't delete the music.

Datin'Kait said...
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Datin'Kait said...

"The Climb" -Miley Cyrus
"Don't Stop Believing" -Journey
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" -Bonnie Tyler
"Walking in Memphis" -Marc Cohn
"Scotland the Brave" (yes, it's pure bagpipes...)
"Keep your head in the game" -High School Musical
"I could've danced all night" -My Fair Lady

Jonas Brothers...yeah, I'm judging you.

From Tracie said...

I dated one of those music snobs once.....that guy drove me crazy!! I just wanted to shout at him "sometimes, no one has heard of these bozos for a reason!"

I'll admit that I just recently listened to We Built this City. It is when you find yourself singing along to a Hannah Montana song in the store that you get to be embarrassed......yep, that was me in the grocery store last week. Let the mocking begin!

Kathy said...

How did "We Built This City" beat out "You're Having My Baby"?

The most embarrassing songs on my ipod are probably "True" by Spandau Ballet" (makes me laugh bc it reminds me of the Wedding Singer) and "Please Don't Go Girl" by NKOTB.

Mark said...

When "Beat It" by Michael Jackson Thriller was released, I thought the main riff sounded a lot like Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog". So I borrowed a friend's Thriller album to make the comparison. Then my roommate scratched the record and I had to buy a new one to return to my friend. That's my most embarrassing musical possession, and no, it never made it onto my mp3 player.

Elizabeth, we officially have something in common!

Christi said...

"See you again" by Miley Cyrus. And yes, I listen to it.

Anonymous said...

I like loud music when driving; loud enough to share with the cars around me. These songs are in my current rotation so the volume goes down just a bit but I still really like them

1.I will always love you. Whitney Houston
2. Turpentine. Brandi Carlile
3. Sunday kind of love. Etta James
4. Stay with me baby. Duffy
5. Just a friend. Biz Markie –maybe I turn this one up way up

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Anonymous, I grow more and more curious about you.

sindelpurple said...

Gosh! I feel like this blog is completely about my weird taste in music. Can't help it! I am guilty of listening to artists that no one knows about, music in different languages, from different countries, and then feel so disappointed when I am singing along to "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.

Melissa C said...

I don't think having journey on your ipod is embarrassing at all? Should I be embarrassed? I am more embarrassed for having Donna Summer's Bad Girls (Keira loved it as an infant- heard it on the radio and had to download it b/c it stopped her crying), some 50 cent and eminem. Primary Presidents are probably also not supposed to have any NIN either. My britney spears and other pop stuff (Janet Jackson and tons of 80s on tape) fortunately never made it to itunes. I love starship! We listened to them in the car on family trips across the country as a child! Awesome!

Super Zero said...

I recently copied a bunch of mp3s for a friend of mine. I basically grabbed all my music and copied it to her netbook. Now, that would be fine.. except I forgot that there was some recordings I had made in there that I shouldn't have included.. for example.. I have one that I made .. to be a morning alarm for myself.. in it i list all the things I ought to be doing that day.. I also have a weird voice effect on it so it sounds kinda creepy. anyway, it's about 9 minutes of insanity, that was not for non-Abe consumption. oh well.
In other news. I am sort of a music snob. Sort of.

lizzie mc.- said...

The embarrassment begins with the fact that I don't own an MP3, but I too love a vast array. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm not a closet Neil Diamond fan, though only of his music, because really was anyone ever turned on by how he looks... Oh, I've got it. I recently downloaded links on you tube to MY favorite Sesame Street songs, not for the kids, but for ME. I proud to be a dork!