Friday, August 21, 2009

Come on now

Is there anything more ridiculous than the news headline,

"Miley Cyrus spotted 'full-on making out'"?

Here's an excerpt from this juicy story:

Last Wednesday, as Cyrus bid Australian actor Liam Hemsworth goodbye at the Nashville airport, the two kissed -- and were "full-on making out," says Alex Emanuel, a New York actor who was a few feet away from the couple and saw Cyrus, 16, act "as giddy as a schoolgirl."

What!? A 16 year old was acting as giddy as a school girl!? Unimaginable! I'm so disillusioned!

But the plot thickens - according to what I can only assume is a story stolen from Miley's high school newspaper, Miley has apparently been claiming she's single in her Twitter status!

People have a tendency to say "must be a slow news day" when this kind of story comes out, but that's not true. There's never a slow news day. There are horrible, amazing, and wonderful things happening all around the world every day. I don't understand how a story like this was literally a headline on the news.

And yes, I know I clicked on the story, but for purely mocking purposes! (Plus, I thought Miley was dating one of the Jobros! Boy was my face red.)


Katherine said...

Yeah, last I heard she was back together with one of the JoBros! Miley, what's your deal? Gosh, act older than your age already!

opticwalrus said...

That's hardly the most shocking Miley story - didn't you hear about her infamous pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards? I pay no attention to the whole Miley/JoBro world, but even I heard about that one.

Sarah said...

I have successfully avoided all news, real and ridiculous, for the past 3 weeks and truthfully, I feel more well-rounded for it. News is either depressing in terms of the loss of human life, or depressing in terms of the stupidity of human life. Why can't news be about the amazing and wonderful things you elude to? Like, that someone helped an old lady cross the street? Or, a dog found a new loving home? Or, tree had its 200th birthday? :)

Kathy said...

I love the headlines about who said what on Twitter. Here's my headline, "I don't care!".

I read this last week at work. If you heard me sniffling, it may or may not have been bc I was crying (happy tears) at my desk. We need to see more news like this.,2933,538724,00.html