Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

In my home town, there's a Chinese restaurant run by people who seem to speak absolutely no English. I call, give my order, and wait to find out what I'm given. It's a complete guessing game once I place my order. I never know what I'm going to get.

Occasionally at work, a few of us order Chinese food. Most of the people at our favorite local place speak English really well, but from time to time the language barrier causes some problems. Today was one of those days. After ordering our food, Kathy came back with a bewildered look on her face and relayed the following conversation to us.

Kathy: On the cashew chicken, I'd like the sauce on the side.
Chinese Food Guy: No. We can't do that.
K: You've done it before.
CFG: If I do it, I want 100% guarantee no complaints. 100%.
K: Ok. No complaints.
CFG: 100%.
K: Ok, for the next thing, I'd also like it with sauce on the side.
CFG: Both, no sauce inside.
K (confused at the wording): Sauce on side.
CFG: No sauce inside. Sauce on side.
K: On the side.
CFG: No sauce inside. Sauce on side.
K: Yes...
CFG: No sauce inside. Sauce on side.

Have you ever heard the expression "sauce inside?" There's something completely unappetizing about it. Ann said it reminded her of the kitchen utensil called the "solid flavor injector."

That conversation made me laugh so much, I felt it really had to be preserved in the blog. We were all very tempted to call and complain, but have resisted so far.

Happy Wednesday.


Lady Baillio said...

That's hilarious.

David and Linda said...

Ridiculous!! That has definitely happened to me before - not having any clue what you're going to get! ("Fried rice" and "white rice" sound REALLY similar over the phone and with a Chinese accent!)

Melanie said...

Why would you ever get Chinese food with the sauce on the side? That's like asking for a hamburger with the meat separate.

Priscilla said...

(Your mom should have written: "Ridicurous!"):) That's so funny, I couldn't stop laughing!

Emily said...

This sounds straight out of Gilmore Girls. I love it!

Sarah said...

I agree with Emily! :)