Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

I love rainy mornings - I feel like they give me permission to wake up slowly. I was so happy this morning when I looked out the window and it was raining. I would have been much happier if I could have stayed in bed, but oh well.

The "what's your favorite color" poll is almost over and it looks like blue is the winner! There's one more day to vote. I have to say that I'm surprised orange got four votes. Way to go orange. I didn't know you had it in you.

On an unrelated note, have you guys seen the PSA about texting while driving? I'll put the link to it on here, but I have to warn you, it's really graphic and unsettling. But if you text while driving, check this out (link). Trust me, you'll never do it again.

For reasons unbeknownst to even myself, I recently watched all four seasons of Alf on hulu. It was one of the stranger things I've done in my life. And when I ask people if they remember the series (so I can discuss the series finale with them) they look at me like I'm crazy. In my defense, I was only half paying attention the whole time. I wasn't studying the show with a notebook and pencil in hand or anything like that. And I only cried twice! Three times, tops. Those Christmas episodes can really get to a person.

Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back and it's pretty much all I can think about. (And all Justin's been hearing about.) I miss my heating pad today.

I hope your day is less physically painful than mine! Happy hump day.


Brady said...

See, if you were doing pushups, you'd have a strong back, and then you wouldn't have pulled a muscle in it. Just sayin'.

Elizabeth Downie said...

It was from doing pushups that I pulled the muscle, Brady. So take that!

Ok, that's not true...but I wish it was. ;)

Sarah said...

I loved Alf! I think at first, he scared me, but after awhile, I got past that. I was young enough to be scared, right?? :)

Lady Baillio said...

I'd give the acting in the movie on texting an A+, but the makeup a C. It's a gross movie! Sends the message home quickly.

Katherine said...

I'm really curious about the Alf finale... I haven't seen it in sooo long, though, that I wouldn't be much help with discussing it. I'm glad you told me about the PSA rather than me having to actually see it. I'll NEVER text and drive again!

sterlingandbrandi said...

Whoa. Did they really have to kill the baby off? I might never text again period.

Chris Willie said...

I remember the ALF series finale kind of bothered me as a kid, since I didn't realize that sometimes shows are cancelled after filming season-ending cliffhangers. I just took it to mean, "We choose to end the story here. He's dead now!"

Apparently, though, the cliffhanger was resolved in the 1996 made-for-TV movie Project: ALF, starring an embarrassed Miguel Ferrer in lieu of any of the original cast. By the time it aired, I no longer cared about ALF and didn't watch, but I sort of assume he makes it out alive.

Jen said...

I miss ALF!