Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

So, I have been having a strange relationship with my blog lately. Some funny stuff has happened recently that I'd like to write about in my blog, but can't because I'm not sure who's reading it. Do you know what I mean? I'm pretty sure the people I want to write about aren't reading this, but if they are, it could be bad. I could change their names but they'd still know it was them... If you're starting to get paranoid, don't worry, I'm not talking about you! I'm talking about some other crazy person I know!

Moving on, I think I'm going to make this an old fashioned "Wednesday Thoughts" and write a bunch of unrelated thoughts. Sound good?

Here's one for the ladies: how long can you wear lip gloss before it has to be reapplied? I've been watching a show with some friends lately and the women on the show always have fresh lip gloss on - it's so unrealistic!

Is "Summer Girls" by LFO truly the worst song/video ever!? I think it just might be. Check out the lyrics and video if you doubt.

This has been the coldest summer ever, don't you think? I hope it warms up before fall comes. It might be too late.

Someone recently told me that I sound like Jessica Simpson in my blog. I was mildly offended, but reading through this post, I think I see what they're saying. I like to believe that it's only my blogging voice that's like hers, and that I'm not actually like her at all. Speaking of which, is this chicken or tuna?

Happy Wednesday.


Chris Willie said...

Well, "Walking on Sunshine" is the worst song ever, but I don't know that I've ever seen its accompanying video (if indeed one was inflicted upon unsuspecting MTV viewers in the '80s)...

However, I'd say the song "Stick Stickly" by Attack Attack is a contender for worst song/video combo. I don't recommend even watching the video with sound on, it's that unlistenable. It's like the band decided to take the worst elements from a dozen different genres--the horrible yelling of "screamo" bands, the horrible auto-tune of R&B vocalists, the horrible tuneless guitar noise of grindcore, etc.--and melded them into a cacophony that will appeal to absolutely no one.

But the visuals are unintentionally hysterical. Particularly the synchronized squatting dance the band all does. They're trying their hardest to look all aggressive and angsty, but... they're expressing it through squatting! All at once! Like they're on invisible exercise balls in an aerobics class of the imagination!

(Fun fact: Attack Attack's record label, who made this video in the first place, actually yanked the clip from YouTube because the entire Internet was making fun of it so much.)

AMy said...

who ever told you that you sound like jessica simpson in your blog should stab themselves in the eye... maybe your story is about that person [it should be at least].

AMy said...

oh and i mean that is the kindest way possible

Katherine said...

I don't know what you're talking about. My lip gloss always looks amazing. Right after I apply it.

LFO was just pretty bad all around. Hilarious, but not the deepest song writers (that is if they wrote their songs at all).

And I think I can see the Jessica Simpson-esque quality, only you're sarcastic and you know what you're saying is ridiculous! She had no clue! Hilarious.

And this is chicken.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, I feel bad. I didn't mean to turn the guy who said that into public enemy #1 - he's a nice guy and I think he might actually have a point at times. haha

Kristin M. Bates said...

ha, as soon as I heard "chinese food makes me sick", I will go ahead and confirm this as the worst song ever. I think they pretty much were doing anything for a rhyme... wait- does it rhyme? lol

Oh, and I just started selling Mary Kay, and I have been using a lot of their lipgloss. It's not perfect for like 8 hours, but it looks pretty nice for a while. Haha, I will bring you samples . Still probably not tv quality

And, I think your blog indicates you are not like Jessica Simpson, you are evidently very well written, and smart... qualities that Jessica Simpson might have... but doesn't reveal to the outside world.

I am flying back to MI on Saturday, so I will see ya Sunday if you are in town :)

Lady Baillio said...

I feel self conscious now that I'm the crazy friend. :S

I've learned through experience that Lansinoh (Nipple 'cream') is the best lip gloss. It's totally natural. If it's safe for babies to nurse on then it's safe for lips. And it's the strongest gloss I've ever used. It lasts about an hour.

It's been such a burning hot summer here. 110 degrees everyday. Today it's in the low 90s and I'm loving it! Score!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, Angela, you're not the crazy friend!! I mean, you're A crazy friend, but not THE crazy friend. ;) You know I'm kidding!

Wait...nipple cream on your lips? I take it back. You're the crazy friend. ;)

No, the crazy people I wanted to write about never comment on my blog and I'm not sure if they've ever even read it. It wasn't you!

Sarah :) said...

Ok, the LFO song is definitely on one of my mix tapes somewhere, so I did find it catchy, but upon hearing the lyrics, it is SO clear he just put a bunch of totally unrelated phrases together to make a catchy song. And, it had the random side effect of making me want chinese food!! Have you seen this video??