Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michiganders (or Michiganians) unite

The other night I was playing Rock Band with some friends and as we were going through the song selection, I suggested "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. My friend Dan (who's not from Michigan) said, "You know who likes Bon Jovi? People from Michigan." He's right. Almost everyone I know who's originally from Michigan does indeed love Bon Jovi, myself included.

We've all seen the "you know you're from _________ if" lists and I can't believe I'm about to do this, but I thought I'd list a few things I've noticed people from Michigan like. If you can think of any others, or you disagree with the ones I list, let me know!

So, here are some things that came to mind that people in Michigan like:

* euchre!
* pointing to our hand to show where in Michigan we live (even referring to the east side of the lower peninsula as "the thumb" without hesitation).
* fudge
* hockey
* Deeeeee-troit basket-ball (said in that special Mason way)
* Tim Allen, and while I'm on the subject, Kid Rock. The celebrity we don't like from Michigan: Madonna. (I get the impression the feeling is mutual.) The celebrity we're shaky about: Eminem.
* cider mills
* making fun of Ohio (which is, admitedly, ridiculous) and sometimes Canada.
* staying out of Detroit. (Sporting events are the exception.)
* college football
* bragging about the Great Lakes
* skiing on landfills
* corn mazes
* really bad roads (at least it seems like we really like those.)
* knowing what our state stone is - seriously, ask anyone from Michigan. We all know. It's weird.

Michigan Pride!


David and Linda said...

I agree with the list and upon reading it I think, who wouldn't want to be from here? I remember going to the upper part of the l.p. (lower peninsula) to look for Petosky stone along the shores of the lakes. Nothing is better than a warm cake donut and cold cider in the crisp October air. And we are excited that Ben Wallace may be coming back! Ya to da U.P., eh?

Katherine said...

Yeah, MICHIGAN!! I get mocked for the Michigan hand map, but I shall not be ashamed!! I love all of those things, with the exception of football and really bad roads. (Don't tell Mom about the football thing. And that's right, I said Maahhm, not Mawm.)

alecia said...

We didn't want the list end! This was so fun, and Justin really knew about Petosky stone, that's so weird.

Brady said...

Question: how long do I have to live in Michigan before I get to be a Michigander? Because I love Michigan. I still have to learn to play euchre and eat a pastie... But then what?

Kathy said...

I love pasties. And I love to wash them down with Vernors.

I also love the classic "Say yah to da U.P., eh!" bumper stickers only us Michiganders can understand. We have two peninsulas. Beat that Ohio.

D said...

Petoskey is just soooo cool!

I think Michiganders love to brag about their bad roads more than they love them. Your potholes give you status.

Nick said...

I found Vernors in Chicago OH the taste of home now if I could only find Faygo Pop orange Pineapple is/was my favorite.

Sarah said...

I think if you combine any 2 of those things, you have a perfect Michigan experience. Like, cider mills and making fun of Ohio! I would add "We have all 4 seasons" to that list. :)