Sunday, August 16, 2009


Once upon a time, six years ago or so, there was a group of friends who loved playing Dr. Mario together. Their rivalry was fierce and passionate. Trash talk was thrown around freely and was accepted just as freely as a motivator. The friends grew closer through playing together. They became so good at Dr. Mario, no one from outside the circle would play with them.

After countless hours dedicated to the game, the Nintendo broke. And along with it, the friends began moving on with their lives. They stayed in touch, but without the common bond of Dr. Mario, it was easy to drift apart.

Until this year. A $40 purchase of an old school Nintendo and old Dr. Mario game has brought the friends back together. Tonight, for the first time in 5 or 6 years, four of the original gang (Kristin, Garrett, Katherine, and me) got together to play Dr. Mario. Things started out well. Everyone was having fun, talking trash, and reminiscing about the old days:

Unfortunately, not everyone was as good as they remembered being. Many excuses were made:

"I wasn't focused."
"You distracted me."
"I'm pregnant."
"This controller's messed up."
"You made me laugh."
"You walked in front of me!"

And on and on... Until finally, Garrett could take it no longer. About to lose the last round to me, he grabbed the controller out of my hand. I tried to get it back, but Garrett would not allow it. He pulled away more and more until eventually, tragedy struck:

With the Nintendo ripped from the TV and the group dissolved in histerical laughter, we called it a night.


David and Linda said...

You forgot to put in the part about "in a galaxy far, far away" because that indeed is where you are all from. Such shinanegans would never happen on this planet. We are much more civilized in our game playing. But it does sound like fun.

Mike said...

Hmm, I was thinking about practicing my Dr. Mario skills, now that John has a Nintendo...but now I think a rematch with you would not be a good idea. John would be very unhappy if you threw his Nintendo against the wall in a fit of rage after losing to me (that's what really happened, isn't it? This Garrett character was probably destroying you and you flew into a fit of rage.)

opticwalrus said...

I completely understand the passions unleashed by Dr. Mario that lead to such behavior.

Katherine said...

MAN, those were some good times! It's been quite a while since I laughed that hard. Kristen recounting the curling iron fight and the laughter that ensued DID make me lose focus and, well, lose a round or two. Garrett had mercy on me, though. And then I beat him. ;) I really think we should practice up and have play-offs. Maybe Christmas time??

Emily L said...

Wow. I wish I could have seen this. I've hear about this legendary group. I'm glad no one was hurt... although, I'm sure there are plenty of emotional scars. :)

You guys are too funny. Next time you should film it and put it on youtube. I would love to hear the trash talk.

Lady Baillio said...

No one but Providence Himself can pull me away from Dr. Mario.

Kristin said...

I can't believe Garrett tried to say he was pregnant.

sterlingandbrandi said...

I really wish I was there to play Dr. Mario. I'm not sure if I'm included in that original group, but the timing is about right. And as I remember it, I think i was the best at it.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes, you were part of the original group, Brandi - that part is correct. But your memory is definitely failing you if you think you were the best at it. ;)