Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts- vacation edition

My thoughts this Wednesday are very different from my non-vacation Wednesday thoughts. Here's a sample of the thoughts typically going through my mind this week:

Which should I do next, take a nap or go to the beach?
Should I have an ice cream cone at the beach, or save my appetite for smores later?
Why do I worry about so much when I'm not on vacation?
Am I tan, or have all my freckles just converged together?
How did my nieces and nephews get so dang cute?

I am in a total vacation mindset. I no longer answer to just Elizabeth, I also answer to Salibis, as my four year old niece calls me, Wibis, as my three year old nephew calls me, and Lizzy, as my uncle calls me.

My schedule consists of any combination of the following things: laying in bed reading, going on bike rides, watching the sun set (as evidenced in this picture taken from the porch a couple nights ago), going to the beach, going out to eat, and/or playing with my nieces and nephews. Not a bad schedule, huh?

Tonight I'm going on a canoe tour after going out to eat with my sisters. Life's rough, huh?


Katherine said...

I lurv it here. It's the best week of the year!!!! I also love that your Wednesday thoughts this week are being posted from our favorite book store, The Book Mark. Sigh!!

Lady Baillio said...

I'm envious!

Mike said...

I'm worried when the time comes for you to return, it will be too much at once for you to handle. Don't worry, I'm willing to help. To help ease you back into real life, I'll take up calling you either Salibis, or Wibis...I'm having trouble deciding between the two.

Mary Burnette said...

I think one of my kids called you bibif. I already miss that place.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, that was Barry I think. And he still calls me that. ;) (kidding!)