Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laffy Taffy

Do you guys remember Laffy Taffy? Each package has two jokes written on it and they are usually written by 8 yr olds, or at least it seems that way. Well, this afternoon, we all decided to dip into Kathy's candy jar (since her desk is closest to the window, she has by default taken on secretary responsibilites, which she [correctly] assumes means bringing in a candy jar). We all read our jokes out loud and it led to some pretty amusing conversations. Here are a few:

Joke #1
E: What is a fat ape?

J: A grape? Oh no wait...I don't know.

E: A chunky monkey.

J: That's my favorite kind of ice cream.

Joke #2
E: What's black and white and has 16 wheels?

J: Does this have something to do with spiders?

E: No. A zebra with rollerskates.

J: I don't get it.

Joke #3
A: How do you make an orange laugh?

E: Does it have to do with peeling?

A: No. It's disturbing.

J: Take out it's seeds?

A: No. It makes me really angry, actually.


K: Tickle it's naval!!!

J: Dang it! Kathy's winning.

(I asked Ann later why that joke made her so mad and she said it was too PG-13 for Laffy Taffy, in her opinion.)

Joke #4
K: Where do really smart hot dogs go?

E: Does it have to do with the Ivy League?

K: No!

J: Does it have to do with taco shells?

K: What does that have to do with hot dogs?

J: You know, thinking outside the bun...

E: Someone's been going to Taco Bell too much.

(much, much later, after many wrong guesses)

E: Is it obvious?

K: Well, I thought it was. I knew it before I read it.

E/J: Oh dang. Someone thinks they're pretty smart.

(thinking harder)

E/J: We give up.

K: The honor roll.

E: Dang it! I was thinking honor bun!!

J: I couldn't even come up with roll! (Much self loathing in this statement.)

Hopefully these conversations entertained you as much as they entertained me!


opticwalrus said...

A fun way to experience Laffy Taffy jokes is to read the answer to someone and see if they can correctly reconstruct the question. It's like Jeopardy! really - a thinking man's approach to Laffy Taffy.

Katherine said...

Oh, Brian. You guys are crazy!! You got me cracking up, though!

AMy said...

laffy taffy is proof that there is a god. yum. i think i will have to stop and get some before i head to work tonight!

David and Linda said...

Honor bun? Really?

kara janelle said...

I'm glad that there are others out there with a great appreciation for the laffy taffy jokes! Sometimes I try to eat them without reading the jokes just to know that I can resist the temptation to read them but I have been unsuccessful thus far.

A favorite of mine that was read summer of 2007:

Q: Why do mama kangaroos hate it when it rains?
A: Because the kids have to play inside!

This grossed me out, and is still a little weird to me.

Angela said...

one of my all time LT faves:
Q: What did the donut say to the loaf of bread?
A: If I had as much dough as you, I wouldn't be hanging around this hole!

hahhahaha!. ah. good times.