Monday, July 6, 2009


The only reason I'm posting today is because I'm so sick of looking at that flag/eagle picture from my previous post! Not that I'm not patriotic, don't get me wrong. I'm as patriotic as the next guy. In fact, I'm the one who started the "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" chant at both bbqs I went to on Saturday.

Speaking of which, did you guys have a good Fourth of July weekend? I had a really good one - busy but good. Here are the highlights (in case you care, which I assume you do since you're reading this):

*Fireworks Friday night in Manchester! Katherine and I organized a big group and we had a blast. During the fireworks, Brian kept us laughing with thoughts like:

"I wish they'd invent a firework that shot out of the earth's atmosphere and exploded when it reached another planet."


"They should invent a firework that shoots fish out of it." (Gross!)

Oh, another funny moment was when Brian's sparkler broke and was shooting out sparks at surrounding bi-standers. We yelled at him to drop it, which he did, but couldn't stomp it out because he had no shoes on. Good times. (Eventually someone else stomped it out.)

Other weekend highlights

* For now, I remain the favorite aunt of my niece Samantha! (Sorry, Katherine.) We'll see how long this lasts. I've learned the hard way that nieces and nephews can be fickle. For now though, I'm loving it. She was attached to my hip most of the day Saturday.
* I went to two family bbqs on Saturday.
* Did some other stuff that's noyb, no offense.
* Was accused of being a cougar by someone who's trying to turn me into one (what's an acceptable age difference for dating again? ha ha)!
* Had another bbq on Sunday with my favorite Arab family.
* Saw a lot of fireflies.
* Watched my dad light sparklers with a blow torch.

So, that was my weekend, for the most part. Ok, this isn't my best post, I'll admit. But at least I got rid of that flag/eagle picture, right? Oops, what I meant to say was,



opticwalrus said...

Can you think of a more exciting away for the inhabitants of another planet to discover that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Fireworks, ftw!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh, I forgot about FTW! I still don't have the nerve to try it.

David and Linda said...

I firmly believe that noyb stands for not only Yogi Bear. I don't know why I'd be offended by that, though.

Katherine said...

I SHALL usurp your temporary title as favorite aunt. Just wait.

Sarah said...

Did you see that Courtney Cox is in a new show coming up that is called "Cougar Tales" or something equally ridiculous?