Thursday, July 16, 2009

And I quote...

If you're on the fence about our friendship, you might not want to check this out. But if you think our friendship can survive it, you should check out my sister's blog. She decided to post a bunch of quotes from me from over the years and it is semi entertaining. Well it was for me anyway, but then again, I'm extremely vain.


Sarah said...

What about this quote:

Sarafina: "Eleanor, I actually heard that Frank and his wife aren't doing too well...might be heading for a divorce!"

Eleanor: "I'm actually waiting out a bunch of marriages right now."

Loved it!! :) (By the way, names have been changed to protect those involved...)

Katherine said...

"Semi entertaining?" It's friggin' hilarious!!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I had to say "semi entertaining" so I would appear humble.

And Sarah, thank you for changing the names, now no one will know who who was involved with that conversation ;) ha ha!!