Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

I've had this monster (aka bug from the movie "A Bug's Life") on my desk for so long now that I've started to forget just how crazy looking it is. I received it as a gift from either Justin or Kathy (they found it on the free table), and over time it has acquired a lei, a paper clip necklace, and a doll captive (which has GOB's face from Arrested Development).

I just now learned his name (Hopper) and after looking him up online, I realize that he used to live a totally different life. He looks pretty tough. I never saw "A Bug's Life" but I suspect he was the bad guy, based on looks alone. Maybe sitting on my desk adorned in ridiculousness is his punishment for bad deeds.

Anyway, Kathy and I are thinking about selling him on craigslist. What do you think a reasonable price is?

He's not really an action figure because he's stuck to a stand, so keep that in mind when it comes to pricing. And I think he used to be able to talk, but needs batteries. I'm thinking either $150 or a reasonable trade. But what would be a reasonable trade?


Katherine said...

Maybe a reasonable trade would be a banner saying something along the lines of "Family love Hopper?" Every time you walked into the office, you could say, "Look at Banner, Justin!"

Sarah said...

You've never seen "A Bug's Life?" Oh dang, you have a weekend task if I ever heard of one!! :) Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is one of the's a classic!! :) (By the way, that pic of Hopper has me stifling giggles during my class' quiz right now!!)