Monday, March 2, 2009

All my single ladies...

I received something in the mail from a friend today that I have to share with you. It's a little booklet called, "Are you in the know?" and was published by the Kotex company in 1951. It's a guide to dating and how to be a proper lady. Here are some of the questions (answer them honestly) followed by their answers/advice. Let me know what you think! Guys, you can weigh in too. We could use a male perspective on this.

How to rate on a first date-
a) Sling a sharp line
b) Be a listening post
c) Learn his interests
Relax- be natural. People love to talk about themselves...and a girl who's a good audience is a good date. Learn his interests. Talk them over...and he'll soon be interested in you. It's all a matter of forgetting about yourself.

Should you break a movie date with Bill -
a) If your dream date calls
b) To meet a blind find (what the!?)
c) For a formal dance
You're booked for a Saturday night at the cinema. And then the real dream comes along. Should you call "good old Bill" and beg off? If you checked no on all three counts above, you're right! Breaking dates is a rule breaker.

If you drop your fork, should you -
a) Pick it up
b) Have your date pick it up
c) Ask for another
When your fork, or other tableware, falls - don't dive under the table to retrieve it. Ask your date to mention it to the waiter; he'll bring you another.

How do you place your order at the restaurant -
a) Give it to the waiter
b) Tell your escort
c) Let your date choose your dinner
If you're with a date, you tell him, rather than the waiter, what you'd like. Don't weaken his wallet by ordering the most expensive dinner - or his pride by choosing the least expensive. To get an idea of what he can afford, you might ask, "What do you think looks good?"

What kind of mannerisms annoy boys?
a) Lint picking
b) Fingernail biting
c) Bead fiddling (what?!)
All three - and more. Fidgeting with your hair, pencil-chewing, and silly giggling all fall into most boys' pet peeve category. Stop fiddling. Relax or you'll make him nervous too.

When the party's over -
a) Leave
b) Stay till the bitter end
c) Make a farewell speech
When it's time to go, go! Simply stand up, say you've enjoyed yourself, thank your hostess and leave. Don't overstay your welcome. You needn't be the last to leave to show you had a good time. (I'm so embarrassed when I think back on all the farewell speeches I've made!! No wonder I'm single!!)

Ladies, I hope you learned as much as I did (I learned that I'm glad I wasn't a single woman in the 50's).


Katherine said...

I assure you that following this advice, I'll be married within a twelvemonth! (Maybe that was a little too old-fashioned...) Pretty amazing stuff. You need to have Megan show you the "Are you popular?" video from th 50s, too - classic! I'll be frank though (I know you like it when I'm frank): if I have to follow these rules, then Old Maidhood, here I come! Is that extreme?

Katherine said...

P.S. I love these pictures!!

Kathy said...

This advice is so old school! I had a hard time answering the question about the fork. It would really depend on what he decided to order for me. If it was delicious, I would definitely dive under the table for it and yell, "10 second rule!" Or would it be better to bypass the silverware completely at that moment and save the time between plate and mouth? So many choices for a true lady.

p.s.- I'm imagining a picture of me diving under the table for my fork on the failblog!

Angie Cheney said...

What the heck is "Sling a sharp line"? I have no idea what that means? I love how they're trying to be so hip! I did manage to get married despite my fingernail biting. Phew!

Sarah said...

"It's all a matter of forgetting about yourself"!?!?! Dang, how is Kotex even still in business with a line like that?? I'm with you, SOOOO glad I wasn't a single woman in the 50s!! :)

Ben said...

What do you mean old-fashioned?
It all sounds pretty dead-on to me!

Well, except the ordering part. I'm not going to take you to a restaurant I can't afford. Eat what you want. And pick up the fork and then ask for a new one so I don't think your mouth has floor cooties.