Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

Today it's back to an old fashioned Wednesday thoughts. I have a few things to get off my chest. Namely...

Why do I often think I feel my phone vibrating in my coat pocket when it's not vibrating? And don't tell me it's a bat in my bra because I already checked. But really, what's up with the phantom vibrating?

And another thing - I heard on the radio that the White Stripes were getting back together for a special performance. Back together? Are they not together anymore? Why didn't anyone tell me? Is it just a rumor?

Ok, what's up with LOST being a rerun tonight? I thought the whole point of starting the season in January was so that we can go nonstop till May! And while I'm on the subject, where are Rose and Bernard!? I thought they were flashing through time at the same pace as the others!?

This next thing has been weighing on me. Is it betrayal for me to say that lately I've been liking 30 Rock more than The Office? I'm sorry. I know some people are going to be outraged by that. And please don't doubt my love for the Office, but lately...what with the Generalissimo and Harry and the Henderson's episodes, I've been laughing a lot more at 30 Rock. I'm so confused. Obviously this is a difficult time for me. (I really hope you know me well enough by now to know I'm kidding. Well, half kidding.)

Lastly, we have a work outting today and Justin, Ann, Kathy, and I have been debating about which is a better mode of transportation: the conference bike, or an insanely long bike. Which would you rather ride? Maybe we should just all ride Segways.


Kathy said...

I have been feeling the same about 30 Rock for quite a while....and now that you admitted, I feel inspired to confess as well. I still love The Office too, but 30 Rock has had more of my heart for quite a while. "You have shut up face."

My vote for transportation today is for the conference bike. I don't feel like flipping off the long bike whenever Justin feels like doing a wheelie.

Dallan said...

Thanks for the heads up about LOST tonight. I'll be in a bad mood all day now, but I suppose it's better than finding out at 8:00 pm tonight and going into a fit of rage. Don't feel confused about 30 Rock. I've felt it surpassed The Office two years ago. It is way more clever and funnier, and the characters are all genius. That Harry and the Hendersons episode last week was gold.

justin said...

Oh please...The White Stripes breaking up is such old news. Get in the loop. Maybe if you had a PPO VIP card you would know these things.

I still vote for the insanely long bike. I would be afraid of ending up having to sit in the middle part of that conference bike next to the steering wheel. That would be so uncomfortable. And Kathy would totally bully me into sitting there too.

Katherine said...

The conference bike all the way. Although, with the long bike you could play a wicked game of telephone.
I agree both about the 30 Rock/Office debate (though I'll always be loyal to The Office), as well as the outrage at Lost reruns. Ridiculous!
And I have REALLY not been saying "Snug as a bat in a bra" nearly enough!! I'll get on that.

Ashley DiBianca said...

I thought I was the only one with the phone vibrating paranoia...
I think we need to write some angry letters to ABC. What's with Scrubs taking the enhanced Lost rerun spot?
I think I'll still remain loyal to the Office although it is starting to drag and get repetitive.
The conference bike... has way better views, plus you could see who isn't pedaling fast enough.

Sara said...

We're leaning towards 30 Rock too here lately. Although, we finally watched the super bowl episode with the Michael Scott roast, and that was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.