Sunday, March 8, 2009


Recently I was reminscing with some friends about one of the best book series ever: The Baby-sitters Club. From the first moment in third grade when I ordered the first book in the series, "Kristy's Big Idea," I was hooked. A few years and many books into the series later, I started noticing that they were a bit formulaic but I didn't hold it against them. How could I? After all I'd been through with them (Stacy's diabetes, Mary Ann's break ups with Logan, Mallory's mono, and Claudia's grandma dying to name a few)! If you read the books as a kid, you'll understand.

But I digress. This week Katherine and I had a baby-sitting adventure of our own. Our "charges," as the BSC would call them, were our neices and nephew: Paige, Ethan, and Samantha. I know I'm biased, but these kids are so cute! Here's the evidence:

This is Samantha. She is such a little cutie. Look at that hair! It's too cute. She's not quite ready to walk on her own, but is almost there. Meanwhile, she's just this adorable little cutie, crawling around and smiling. Did I mention her hair is really fuzzy? I love it.

Here are a couple pictures of Ethan. In the first one, he looks very innocent, reading a book. In the second one, you see his other side. The side that attacked me when he was supposed to be playing "hide and sneak" (as Paige calls it) with Katherine.

Here's Paige hanging out with Katherine, and in the other picture, posing with her sunglasses and Barbie vanity. She's such a little actress.

We had a lot of fun with these kids! It was a day Kristy, Mary Ann, Stacy, and Claudia prepared me for years ago. Too bad I left my "Kid Kit" at home.


David and Linda said...

Oh yes, I remember your conversations about the Baby-sitter's Club books. I would be wondering who you knew who just discovered she had diabetes, or what had happened to Kristy - Kristy who? I would ask. And you would casually say: Babysitters Club. My bewilderment and slight anxiety would slip away and I would leave you to your reminiscences about your bffs in the BSC.

Heather said...

They are some cute kids. As I write this they are all screaming at the top of their lungs. Paige is screaming that Ethan for sitting in her seat, ethan is crying because she hit him really hard and Samantha is screaming because she is mad that everyone else is yelling and screaming and she's not getting all my helps to see nice pictures of them being good

Katherine said...

They really are so adorable!! I had so much fun with them! (Always do!) It really did bring back the BSC memories. I remember wanting to start up my own Club, but, not having a friend with her own phone line, my dreams weren't realized. I do hide candy around the house like Claudia did, though. She's an artist like me, too! Two peas in a pod, we are.

Emily said...

These kids are tooooo cute!!!! I'm glad BSC prepared you so well.

Kathy said...

Your nieces and nephew are adorable! It looks like you had a blast!

I used to hide candy around my bedroom like Claudia too!(shout out to all the
Katherine's/Kathryn's) Mary-Ann was by far my favorite. I couldn't stand Kristy. She was so bossy! Oh, and I had the BSC journal from the Scholastic book order so that I could record my own experiences. Memories. :)

Someone is truly a die hard fan (it's time to fess up about what you spend your breaks doing here at work Elizabeth).

Christi said...

I loved the BSC! I was so sad when Mary Anne and Logan broke up. And then we he started dating Cokie!?

Christi said...

And Elizabeth, you've done an awesome job on the BSC wikipedia page. Seriously, that's impressive! ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hahaha, can you believe that page!? I went there last night and was shocked. It's so thorough! Who wrote that!? I suspect Ann M. Martin wrote it. She's probably bored these days, what with 200 + BSC books under her belt.

Christi said...

I actually read that wikipedia page just now, and I DID NOT realize that Mary Anne and Logan broke up permanently in 'Mary Anne's big breakup.' I'm already headed to the library tonight and I'm considering checking it out just to find out what happened.

Stabenow Family said...

They truely are BEAUTIFUl kids!

I too loved the BSC!!!!

Katherine, I would have started a club with you I wanted one too! In fact I got a Cell for my 15th or 16th Birthday we should have done it!!!!

It is funny I was at the library thje other day and they had the BSC movie and I so almost rented it but, I don't think anyone here would have appreciated it like I would..Emma and Brooke maybee someday! Although, Our pretty pretty princess stev-o was here this weekend he just might have liked it! HA HA HA

Angela said...

ha! my sister-in-law and I just watched the BSC movie last weekend! teehee.