Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review

Year in Review lists stress me out. I always think, "how do they remember everything that happened this year?" Then I realize they were probably making lists throughout the year to keep track. Not me. I have a weird relationship with time. If you gave me a list of things that happened in the last three years and asked me to say which things happened in 2013, I'd probably get like 65-75% right.

But luckily, I have a smart phone that has 1,523 pictures stored on  it, many of which are from this year. So I looked back to get an idea of what I should highlight from this year. Not everything is pictured. Like, why don't I have any pictures saved from the Bon Jovi concert I went to? Or that time I swam with sharks? Or the time I was Justin Bieber's date to the Grammys? (One of those is true.)

But as I mentioned, I did preserve many memories in my phone from this year, and it was fun to scroll through and remember some of the highlights. Here is a little collage I made of them:

From left to right:

Row One: I went to a Monster Truck Rally with Sarah and Sara! I'm going to be honest: I wouldn't go again. Not nearly enough destruction. Waaaayyy too much setting up and taking down.
Another adventure with Sarah and Sara: I went to my first Red Wings game! Very fun.
Grandma turned 93!
I baked a lot this year.

Row Two: I spent as much time as possible with my nieces and nephews. They make me happy beyond measure.
I went to a special screening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the actors who played Mike Teevee and Charlie Bucket were present! They told insider secrets about the filming and signed autographs.
I was the girls camp director in my ward. We had a cake auction to earn money for camp. Camp itself is not pictured, but was such a fun time. I loved every minute of it!
I went to Colorado with some friends for a midnight bike ride - such a fun adventure!! I did two other fun bike tours this year in Detroit. They were also very fun, especially the tour de troit.

Row Three: I spent as much time as I could in Ludington, my favorite place.
I was the googly eyed bandit.
I went to some Tigers games!
My friend Christi came to visit!

Row Four: My bestie, Erin, got married! Love her.
I did the great turtle run on Mackinac Island with my sisters. My parents came too and we had a great time.
I bought my first Kitchenaid Mixer and it was love at first sight. The honeymoon time is over now but I'm just as in love now as I was when I first bought it.
I got to visit with one of my mission companions! It was like no time had passed. Such a wonderful reunion!

And there you have it - a brief year in review.

And now I'm slightly stressed out just in case I missed something important. Something I did with you. There are lots of things that happened this year that can't be pictured. New friendships made, and old friendships nurtured. I created a lot - food and crafts. I listened to a lot of public radio and a lot of music. Thanks to social media and the convenience of texting, I stayed in touch with friends across the globe with ease. I watched Netflix and went out to movies. I wrote blog posts and read blog posts. I grew closer with my family. I went through some very difficult times that make me glad in some ways to start over with a new year. But many good things happened, so I am grateful for 2013. Good times and bad.

Happy New Year! 


Katherine said...

I can't remember what I did last week, let alone all year!! Thank goodness for photos. I actually kept a journal all year this year, which is unusual for me, so I guess I could look at that! Anyway, there were definitely some good times in 2013, but I'm glad for 2014 and new adventures!

Sara said...

The midnight bike ride is so cool! Putting that on my life list! :)