Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Christmas is in ONE WEEK! Which is why I'm getting to Wednesday thoughts so late today. I am, like many of you, busy, busy, busy. Mostly with fun stuff though, so it feels wrong to complain. I mean, how can a person complain that they have been making too many cookies, or spent an evening Christmas caroling with people they love, or that they have been visiting with too many friends and family members? One can't, really.

But I am too tired to give you a good post tonight. Here are my random thoughts as I sit here, glassy eyed, thinking about my cozy bed waiting for me:

* Work should start later in the winter. Beds are 75-100% cozier in the winter. It's a scientific fact.

* My car might not be clean again until spring. Every time I'm about to wash it, it snows again. It's covered in slush!

* That last thought was super boring, so here's a better one: I looked for mistletoe at the store today but couldn't find any. I've never tricked anyone into kissing me under the mistletoe before, and it's partly because I can never find mistletoe! Is it a legend, like elves? Or is it real, like Santa? Where can I get some?

* I still haven't wrapped my presents.

* My secret Santa got me some pickle flavored lip balm. But I think pickle flavored lip balm and mistletoe cancel each other out.

Happy Wednesday!


Savd said...

I saw mistletoe at a Crate & Barrel the other day...actually, that store was full of great stuff! Wonder if you could order it online? :)

Katherine said...

Pickle flavored lip balm is perfect for first dates. :D