Sunday, December 1, 2013

May I see your jello list?

Mormons love jello. This is a scientific fact. Why Mormons love jello is one of life's great mysteries. Maybe because it's so delicious? I'm not sure. I've only really come around to jello in the past year. In fact, I used to find it difficult to make. That's embarrassing to admit considering the recipe is one packet of jello mixed with water of varying temperatures.

My mom, however, is a full-on jello connoisseur, even though she's a convert to Mormonism. She'll say things like, "I'm making cheesy potato and ham casserole for dinner so I think I'll make orange jello. It pairs well with cheesy potato casserole."

A couple weeks ago, I was making pork chops and decided to make some jello. I looked in the cupboard and thought, "hmmm, I think peach jello would pair well with pork chops." I've crossed over.

I guess jello is the Mormon substitution for wine? Next time I go to a fancy restaurant I'll ask to see the jello list and see what happens.

In case you're wondering which jellos would pair well which which dish, I thought I'd make a little list for you. You really don't want to have the wrong jello with the wrong dish. It would be a major social faux pas.

I don't know about you, but if a man made me a layered jello, I would fall head over heels. I think I'll pass on any jello with vegetables though. That's for the more refined palette.

What's your favorite jello?


violet50 said...

I'm not sure I said "pairs well with" but I do think orange jello goes with ham and cheese casserole. Who doesn't?

Sara said...

Really funny post! I'll pass on the green jello and hot dogs though!

Liz said...

I absolutely hate jello. Does that make me a bad mormon? Jello is just so disgusting, it's not vegetarian/vegan, and the way it jiggles freaks me out. So, maybe I'm a bad mormon and maybe I'm a bad Utahn (I think it's Utah's state food) but I don't care.

EricD said...

and from the Non Mormon side of the family, let me just sum up my favorite jello in just two words. Jello Shots! any color.

Katherine said...

This is my favorite list ever. I am going to frame it and hang it in my future kitchen. It's amazing!!!!! hee hee!!!