Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Updates

I hope you all stuffed yourselves with turkey yesterday! I have been enjoying my time off from work and my time with family. Here are some highlights of my weekend so far!

* I found out my 9 year old niece LOVES Full House. She was exposed to it while on vacation recently and talks about it all the time. I couldn't be more proud.

* We had a sleepover with my little nieces and nephew so their parents could do the Black Friday sales this morning. I used to do the Black Friday sales but the last few years I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I love laying in my warm bed, knowing I'm not hating my fellow men for pushing past me to get to the $3 DVDs. And this morning I got to wake up to this adorable sight:

* We showed the movie "Nacho Libre" to the kids last night and they giggled nonstop (so did I). In fact, my nephew was giggling in his sleep last night. He doesn't remember why, but I assumed it had something to do with Nacho.

* I broke my rule about optical illusions, which I usually hate, and made one with the kids:

So messed up.

* When the kids got up, I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. What's better than pancakes with a big glass of cold milk? The best part is I got a text from my sister this afternoon telling my about a conversation she had with my nephew after she picked him up:

Nephew: Did you know I'm wearing the pants with the hole in them?
Sister: No, we should throw those away.
Nephew: No way! These are my lucky pants!
Sister: How are they lucky?
Nephew: Hellllooooo! I got chocolate chip pancakes this morning!

* I did some Christmas crafting. I made a wreath, a light display, and a candy dish. I loooove Christmas! Also, I discovered that Vanna White is in the yarn biz. Turning letters for a living just doesn't pay what it used to I guess.

* I watched one of my very favorite Christmas movies, "Christmas Vacation." My favorite line is when Clark is trying to get the lights to work at the beginning of the movie, and his dad says, "If you need any help, give me a holler. I'll be upstairs asleep." I quote that all the time when I offer to help but don't really mean it.

Best scene

* I saw Catching Fire again! It was just as tense/good/sad/excellent/suspenseful/wonderful the second time. And this time I snuck in a turkey sandwich so it was even *that* much better.

What are some Christmas movies you bust out after Thanksgiving?


violet50 said...

I love the "lucky pants" story! Ha-the things kids think. And I love Christmas Vacation because Chevy Chase's Clark is so intent on making the perfect Christmas for his family.

Wee Sisters Three said...

He refuses to throw them away. I tried to convince him again later on but, apparently, they are just too lucky!
They all kept talking about Nacho Libre on the ride home and then when we got home Paige and Ethan acted out the butt clenching part. Lol. We were going to watch it tonight but Jim and I are too tired. Him and Ethan are already asleep. Thanks again for having them. They had a blast.

Brooke Romney said...

Love that wreath!!

Katherine said...

Seriously, such a fun time with the nugglets!! And a fun weekend in general. And Ethan!!! SO SWEET!! I like the Vanna White yarn a lot. Anything Vanna "turns" up on......... See what I did there? ;) And I love your wreath!! So pretty!