Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

In the past several days THREE different men have told me that they think men are logical and women are irrational. (Only one of them was referring to me.) This is obviously something I've heard before but the mere frequency with which I heard it took me back. In all three cases, it seemed to me that the problem was simply that the two people weren't understanding each other. Plain and simple. Not that one was crazy and the other was sane.

Do men really think this? By which I mean, do they really think they're always logical and women are always illogical? Do they think that just because they can't always understand us (even when we think we made things crystal clear), we're the ones who are "crazy"? This image of men always being calm, cool, and logical, while we women are emotionally reacting all over the place just makes me laugh.

Like this is how (some) men see the world:

Ha! Again I say: ha!!

Women, have you heard this before? How do you deal with it?

Do we women have emotional reactions? Yes.
Do men have emotional reactions? Yes. Heck yes.

Anyway, enough about that. If I keep writing about it, I walk a dangerous line of seeming too emotional. So, on to logical things.

Math. Good stuff, am I right?

In other Wednesday Thoughts, the weather is absolutely perfect lately and I can't get enough of it. I want to be outside all. the. time. Biking, walking, jogging, hula hooping, whatever. Just soaking in the sunshine (I almost forgot the sun even existed). It is glorious! It's amazing how cheerful I feel when I'm leaving work and it's nice outside as opposed to the way I used to feel walking out to icy sidewalks and gray skies.

Let's never speak of that again. (Winter, that is.)

What is your favorite thing about warmer weather?

Happy Wednesday!


lizzie mc.- said...

To leave emotions out of an equation is lacking in objectivity. To not have listened to a woman the first 100 times and the fact that she gets irate that she has to dummy down for the umpteenth time is insanity. Thus men are crazy and therefore drive women crazy. However, rational is relative. Those that don't care think that those who do are irrational and visa-versa. But if it were left up to men's laissez-faire attitude Eve would still be in the garden. I choose to relation irrational to visionary. Yes, math rocks! And so do you!

Katherine said...

Math really IS cool!! Did you know that, in order to find out if a number is a multiple of 3, all you have to do is ad up its digits to see if 3 is a factor.
ie: 17,247=1+7+2+4+7=21(add again)2+1=3!! Also works for 9! Amazing (just learned this...)

I agree with Lizzie. If we seem irrational, it's usually because men aren't paying attention half the time, and by the time they are, we've lost all patience. Ridonkulous. They choose to pretend that they're never irrational in order to use it as an excuse if a woman catches them in their laziness. Was that harsh? Truth hurts.

Sara said...

"If I keep writing about it, I walk a dangerous line of seeming too emotional. So, on to logical things." Brilliant.