Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Last week it snowed. Twice. This morning I read that April was tied for one of the third most rainy months in Michigan history. I've heard this weather being called a "delayed spring." I have friends I haven't seen in months. No one wants to go outside. Winter has been brutal and gray and cold.

But finally, spring seems to be here!! The sun is shining, my spirits are lifted, and I feel happy again. I'm coming out of hibernation.

Green buds!!! Leaves are coming!

Remember that weird sculpture I posted a picture of the other day? IT GOT WEIRDER! What the!?


It kind of scares me.

Anyway, before I close, I have another thought for you this Wednesday: What band would you most love to see in a reunion concert? I have several that come to mind:

Led Zeppelin
N'Sync (yes, really)

What about you? I'd really like to know.

Happy sunshiny Wednesday!


Jesse Davis said...

Who is jellyfish? Of the three, Zeppelin of course! But best of all would be a CCR concert. On a riverboat. While eating fried chicken and waffles. In a hot tub. Wearing an oversized sombrero. Happy Wednesday Elizabeth.

Savd said...

I'd see Led Zeppelin with you! I saw Robert Plant in concert a few years ago and was in awe! And that art display is inexplicable...please knock on their door to find out what is going on there!

Jesse Davis said...

Zeppelin on a Zeppelin would be cool too.

Katherine said...

UM, the teenage girl in me wants Nsync, the 90s girl in me wants Jellyfish, and the rocker girl wants to get the Led out LIVE AND IN CONCERT!!!!! How do I choose?!?

That sculpture is amazing. I need to come see it sometime!!! Also, spring has truly sprung and makes me so dang happy!!!! YAY!

Brooke Romney said...

So, so happy spring is here! It is amazing how it just changes everything. Beautiful pictures too!

Mark said...

Easiest multiple choice question of the week. Led Zeppelin! I'd even settle for the 2007 version with Jason instead of John.

Pine Knob

violet50 said...

Well, two of the Beatles are dead and Mary from P.P. & M. so that leaves Simon and Garfunkle, and I, too, would go to a Jellyfish concert because I loved their music. The people in the sculpture house need to be told that it isn't Halloween. And thanks for the beautiful pictures. I feel inexplicably happy all of the time now with all the flowers and sunshine!!!

Ashley said...

'NSYNC all the way!

Stephanie said...

I want those flowers and greenery! We're starting to get glimpses of spring, but this whole delayed nonsense is a bit much!!!