Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm terrible at playing air instruments. After seeing me play the air guitar for the millionth time, my sister, Katherine, asked me, "have you ever seen a guitar being played?" I like to strum mine all the way up the guitar instead of the confined area over the hole in the guitar (technical term). My air piano looks like I'm inputting information on a computer from the 1960's. It's multilevel. My air organ is the same. You should see me play the opening song from the Phantom of the Opera. It's a sight to behold, I am told!

I am to air instruments what the Bluths are to chickens.

And I never want to learn the correct way. I've tried it and it's way too restrictive. The majority of you will never see this since I openly acknowledge it's embarrassing. Not to those closest to me, of course (much to their dismay). But anyone else would have to pretend they never knew me after they saw me "rocking out."

In unrelated thoughts, have you guys seen the pictures that photographer took of her five year old for her birthday? She dressed her daughter to look like her historical heroines, and the pictures are awesome. Here is a link to her website where the pictures are. And here is one of the pictures from that website:

As Helen Keller, one of my favorites

In other thoughts, I'm still loving the spring weather. I can't help but take pictures of the beautiful flowers and buds. Here are a few:

I am so happy it's finally warm out. I sometimes can't help but lift my face up to the sun and close my eyes. Not the best idea when I'm out on a walk, but it can't be helped. It feels so good to feel the warmth of the sun again! It had been way too long.

Happy Wednesday!


Martha said...

Haha love the chickens clip! And I did see the article with the photos of the girl--it is awesome! What a great idea. Spring flowers in Michigan with sun--you can't help but be happy! This post is full of good things :)

Jessica said...

Wow, I'm totally sharing the photographer's page. Amazing!

violet50 said...

I love your "air" instruments. They are very whimsical if radically incorrect. The Bluth comparison was apropos. They are hysterical (G.O.B - "Oh come on!") And your pictures capture the magic and beauty of Spring in Michigan. Thanks for sharing both.

Peter Shirts said...

So, historical heroins. Is that like, drugs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s? I wonder if heroin connoisseurs could tell the difference?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thanks Peter - typo fixed!

Brooke Romney said...

You crack me up. Great post and I love the pictures of the little girl. So awesome.