Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

Whew! Getting Wednesday Thoughts in in the nick of time! I've been pretty busy lately - doing all fun things. I mean, except the old 9-5 of course. But in my non-work hours, I've been really busy.

Over the weekend I rode in the Cycle into Spring - a 20 mile bike ride through Detroit. It was a lot of fun. The only downside was the route, which was really boring. In the Tour de Troit, which I rode in in the fall, we rode through all the beautiful and interesting parts of Detroit. This one took us through sections of Detroit I have no interest in re-visiting. We did have a nice half-way stop though:

I saw some really interesting bike items that day - like this seat, called the manta seat:

We also saw something called the Eliptigo, which I want really bad. (Link)

Over the weekend, I also had an aunt date with one of my nieces. We had a sleepover, and it was her first ever sleepover. We had a blast. We planted flowers, rode our bikes to get ice cream, watched The Parent Trap, and a lot more. It was very fun.

Since then, the only notable thing that happened was that I made a dinosaur cake for my cousin's birthday. She's an archaeologist  and she doesn't really dig for dinosaurs  but since it's not Halloween-time, I couldn't find any skeletons. So, dinosaurs are close enough. Here are a couple pictures. I put some (cleaned) plastic dinosaurs in the layers - the kids loved them!

Anyway, I think we're up to speed now! How have you been?

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

That cake was delish, and I agree about the bike ride in the D. Fun, but not the prettiest. Also, good times on the aunt date!! Glad I got to crash it. :)

violet50 said...

The cake wasn't just delish but beautiful. How did you make those flowericues? Very cute. I look at that picture of the flowers we bought and I want to go out and buy more!!

Pollz said...

I loved my cake! Thanks so much. It was very thoughtful.