Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Some of you may have already seen these pictures if you're friends with me on the various social networking sites (myspace, friendster, aol, etc). But I couldn't resist posting them on my blog as well because it was such a fun weekend.

The weekend started with a stop at the Alma Scottish Festival - a yearly tradition for my family. There, I purchased the COOLEST wig/hat combo ever:

I look horrible in it. I mean, really bad. And I love it. It's amazing (as long as I don't catch my reflection). I just love the looks on other peoples faces when they see me in it. It's like they just smelled a fart. Best $7 I ever spent.

My dad bought a bag of these. I tried one, and I think I am now set for life. I definitely don't need to eat any more.

We also saw many many bagpipers and drummers, who formed a huge massed band. A smaller group is seen playing here:

From what I understand, the traditional way to wear a kilt is with a backwards cap.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Ludington with family. We took a boat ride to some sand dunes, hiked the beautiful trails of the state park, ate at the best ice cream place ever (House of Flavors), we had a ladder ball tournement, walked out to the lighthouse and so on and so forth. It was super fun.

And this is what the stop and go traffic looked like on the way home. Looks like we weren't the only ones having a great time "up north!"

What did you do this weekend?


violet50 said...

I like your picture of the trip. It was fun! Except the traffic jam on the way home! Yeah, the haggis chips left something to be desired. Taste comes to mind.

Katherine said...

I went with you! That's what I did. It really WAS good times. And why aren't we friends on MySpace?????? ;)