Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools'

Every year I try to come up with something good to fool my co-worker and practically desk mate (considering how close together our desks are), Justin, on April Fools' Day. So far my VERY best prank on him was when I switched his gel fruit cup for my regular fruit cup and he ate it without realizing I'd made the switch! I was so proud. I was nearly giggling the whole time he was eating it.

I'll admit, it doesn't sound like a hilarious prank. You just had to be there.

This year I decided to use my very favorite craft item: googly eyes, and decorate  his desk with them after he left work on Friday:

He got me back this morning by taping my mouse to my mouse pad. I was so confused for that split second!!

Have you fooled anyone today? What's the best prank you've ever pulled, or has been pulled on you?


violet50 said...

I'm not a prankster. It's not worth it to me to be gotten back. You do it up right, though!

Brooke Romney said...

Love the eyes! Way to keep things fun!

Katherine said...

Hee hee! Love the eyes, too! I've never been much of a prankster, either, and when I've tried they've often gone awry. Someday I'll pull a big one and catch everyone off-guard...