Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm kind of embarrassed about what I'm about to tell you guys but it was so interesting an experience, I just have to.

I mentioned in the past couple posts that I suddenly came down with bronchitis at the end of last week. It came on very suddenly and incredibly strong. Before I knew it, I was down for the count. Lungs filled up, asthma compromised, fever, shivering, Kleenex everywhere, etc. Just miserable.

I was so frustrated. My attitude about this illness has been anger and annoyance. I've already been sick several times in the last six months. Really sick. I had bronchitis in the fall, and the flu (the real flu) in January. I can't be sick again! First of all, what will other people think? That I'm faking it? That I'm exaggerating it? And should I call in sick to work? Will people be annoyed if I come in and seem sick?

I was just so frustrated.

So yesterday, I was taking the dog I'm staying with on a short walk, and I started thinking about those studies where people say mean things to something - a plant, typically - and over time the thing shrivels up and ceases to thrive simply because of the mean words and negative energy. So I thought, maybe I should start saying encouraging things to myself about healing instead of being frustrated with being sick.

This is the embarrassing part.

So as I walked the dog, I thought to myself things like,

You're doing such a good job of healing. 
You're fighting the germs and they're leaving your body. 
You're making amazing strides.
You're getting healthier and you're doing great at it.

Immediately my body felt more relaxed and less tense. As the day went on, I kept encouraging myself in this way. Today I feel about 50% better than I did yesterday.

Could it just be that I'm following the natural life span of this virus? Maybe. I just know that I felt physically calmer and healthier when I said encouraging things to myself rather than thinking about how my body betrayed me and how frustrated I was with it. I felt more optimistic and I believed I would be able to heal instead of just enduring, frustratedly.

I know a lot of people who are fighting viruses right now. Give your body a pep talk! It might help? Maybe it won't cure you (but maybe it will?) but it might help you relax and be less frustrated. Our bodies are amazing.

Happy Wednesday!


lizzie mc.- said...

You rock! Positivity, Chi, joy, life... all principles of the gospel; spiritual intertwines with the physical. This is what brings life, physical and spiritual. WAY TO GO! I'm sharing this w/ all my sick friends from now on... and myself when I am too :D

Melissa said...

I love your attitude. It is true though believing you will get better indeed does make you get better :) They've done some studies on the placebo effect and it's legit. Hope you get all the way better soon!

Katherine said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing. I definitely am much better at negative self-talk, but will try to change now!! "Katherine, you're doing so awesome at waking up. Nobody hits the snooze button quicker than you!" ;)

violet50 said...

I'm starting right now! It's easy to be negative when you start out your spring break sick, but I'm going to be positive from now on and enjoy the rest of it. Thanks for the pep talk!

Anonymous said...

It's just like The Secret! :)

- Emily L

Brooke Romney said...

I love it. I totally believe in positive energy. Parker has been sick all week too. Need to make my 8 year old channel the positive!